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SPREAD THIS: Chuck Norris Demands the 50 States Do THIS to Stop Obama


Chuck Norris is calling on The States to launch an Article V convention that could make constitutional amendments while by passing President Obama. This is one Constitutional way to stop Obama and the out of control feds.

The Article V convention has been picking up steam as a major conservative cause, beginning with “The Liberty Amendments” – a book by The Great One Mark Levin starting the conversation. Conservative voices such as Bobby Jindal and Sarah Palin have all expressed support for the strategy.

Chuck Norris in an op-ed added his support:

Washington’s out-of-control outlays remind me of the words of President Ronald Reagan, who said, “We could say they spend money like drunken sailors, but that would be unfair to drunken sailors. It would be unfair, because the sailors are spending their own money.”

But alas, there’s finally hope on the horizon to control the federal fiscal insanity by the states’ initiative to force a balanced budget amendment via an Article V constitutional convention.


A constitutional balanced budget amendment, or BBA, is not a new idea, and neither is the states’ push for such legislation. The first BBA was proposed in Congress more than 75 years ago, and the first resolution calling for an Article V convention in state legislatures was proposed more than 50 years ago.

However, what could be new to many Americans is just how close its enactment is to becoming reality.

Unknown to many, 25 states have already called for the convention to add the BBA, and only nine more states (34 in total, or two-thirds) are required to force the convention.

True, some states have refrained from joining the national BBA movement.

For example, just last week, Montana legislators defeated a resolution by 77-23 that would have made their state the 26th calling for a BBA convention. However, opponents’ rationale is often faulty and fear-based.

Their first objection of a federal BBA is that it would put the U.S. economy in further jeopardy during recessions or years with lower federal revenue by forcing policymakers to cut spending, raise taxes or both; hence, ultimately leading to higher deficits and a weaker economy, or so they say.

However, Barry Poulson, professor of Economics at the University of Colorado, disagrees.

In his Forbes opinion column, Poulson explained that a greater risk to our future economy exists if we sit back and allow the same Washington fiscal insanity to continue.

If left to more of the same, our country will reach a point of no return in which nothing will help to avoid economic collapse.

Poulson explains, “The Congressional Budget Office projects that under current law over the next 25 years federal spending will increase to 36 percent of national income.

The increased deficits and debt that accompany this spending will result in retardation and stagnation in economic growth that will make it virtually impossible to balance the budget.”

Even the Congressional Budget Office, or CBO, confessed in its January 2015 report, “The Budget and Economic Outlook: 2015-2025″: “Beyond 2017, CBO projects, real (inflation-adjusted) gross domestic product (GDP) will grow at a rate that is notably less than the average growth during the 1980s and 1990s. … Beyond [2018], however, the gap between spending and revenues is projected to grow, further increasing federal debt relative to the size of the economy – which is already historically high. …”

We need to take Dr. Poulson’s warning to heart:

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