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So, Let’s Talk About Racism


It seems like everybody wants to “talk about” racism. Barack Obama was supposed to be our “post-racial” President and his Attorney General Eric Holder got a lot of publicity for saying that we need to have a conversation about race.

As we noted in an earlier article, even Howard Schultz the CEO of Starbucks is stirring up things by encouraging his baristas to write “Race Together” on your coffee cup and get you to talk about race.

Your Curmudgeon is up to the challenge.

There is a Racial Industry in this country primarily funded by your tax money and “led” by the likes of Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Eric Holder, and the Exalted One, Barack Obama. Like any “industry” the Racial Industry does an excellent job of marketing. Like any marketer, their expertise is in defining a niche and getting people to identify with that niche.

Fortunately for the Racial Industry, they’re not regulated when it comes to truth in advertising. For instance, even Eric Holder was forced to admit that the whole “Hands Up Don’t Shoot” meme was a lie. Because the major media is subservient, or part of, the Racial Industry, the Industry’s claims are never questioned. So evidence can be freely ignored or lied about while the Industry marches for “Justice For [Insert Name of Latest Dead Thug]”

The Racial Industry never stops bringing up “opportunity.” Let’s take a look at opportunity. As a matter of fact let’s take a look at how black Americans compare with black African and West Indian immigrants. These immigrants typically arrive in the US with nothing but a few dollars in their pockets, a place to live – generally a crowded house with distant relatives, and a thick African-British accent.

What happens then is instructive. An article in the New York Times in 2004 about a reunion of Harvard University’s black alumni makes the point. There was a celebratory mood because of the increase in the number of black students at Harvard. 8%, or 530 Harvard undergraduates at that point were black.

Two Harvard professors, people who never found party they couldn’t throw a wet blanket on, had a fit because two-thirds of the black undergraduates were immigrants. Many universities have their panties in a wad over situations like this because by admitting immigrants university administrations are not “correcting past injustice.”

We went to college in the dark ages when the reason for admitting a student was simply that they met the qualifications for admission. The purpose of a college education was certainly less glamorous than “correcting past injustice” it was simply gaining the tools and skills to hold a better job and advance your career.

The Ivy League gave up on that a long time ago.

Someone tells you this country as racist and denies minorities opportunity have them explain why 37% of Nigerian immigrants have bachelors degrees 17% have masters degrees. Compared to the white population in the United States 19% have bachelors degrees and 8% have masters degrees.

Compared to black Americans whose high school graduation rates overall are just 47%, and when you look at our major cities it just gets worse. Philadelphia and New York City just 28% of black males graduate from high school. In fact in New York City that high school diploma is worth so little that 80% of high school graduates require remedial reading and math to get into community college.

The graduation rates of black males in Chicago, where the average teacher cost the city over $90,000 a year is 44% and Chicago high school graduates typically read the low eighth grade level.

We firmly believe that the problem isn’t lack of opportunity. The problem is an unwillingness for American blacks to break away from the tribal culture they created in what we euphemistically call “The Black Community.” It’s interesting that the actual Africans don’t seem to have much of a problem integrating into civil society, perhaps they could teach black Americans a thing or two.

You may well be thinking, “What does he know, he’s just an old white guy.” Well, will close this piece with an exhortation from another old guy.




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