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Silver Star and Green Beret Rank STRIPPED from Army Major by Obama Admin


Maj. Mathew Golsteyn – a former Green Beret, Silver Star recipient and officer of the Army – has been stripped of his prestigious awards and accomplishments in a disgusting show of political chess leveraged against him by Army Secretary John McHugh.

Just when I think I have heard the most outrageous thing yet, something like this happens:

Full report from Weasel Zippers:

The Army was unable to prosecute the officer because the CIA won’t give them a copy of his interview transcript, so in a mind blowing act of petty outrage over a dead terrorist, Army Secretary John McHugh retaliated by stripping him of his medal and is trying to kick him out of the military with a less-than-honorable discharge.

Via Washington Times:
A group of House lawmakers is moving to strip the armed services’ civilian leaders of the power to revoke combat valor awards in response to Army Secretary John McHugh unilaterally canceling the Silver Star, one of the military’s highest honors, for a former Green Beret officer.

Mr. McHugh took the action against Maj. Mathew Golsteyn, who braved repeated enemy fire in Afghanistan, even though he has not been charged with any offenses. The Army now is seeking to release him with a less-than-honorable discharge. The officer plans to fight the move, his attorney says.

The secretary acted after the CIA informed the Army that Maj. Golsteyn, during a polygraph exam for a job application, told of killing a terrorist who was making improvised explosive devices (IEDs), the weapon that has killed more Americans in Afghanistan than any other. The Army also removed Maj. Golsteyn from the elite ranks of the Green Berets.

Rep. Duncan Hunter, the California Republican who is spearheading the restrictive legislation, says he wants to prevent service secretaries from retaliating against personnel by stripping their awards in cases where there is insufficient evidence to charge them for nonjudicial, or court-martial, punishment.

“Secretary McHugh made a political decision,” Mr. Hunter said. “He used his power as a weapon to retaliate against a soldier when the Army was unable to prove an allegation.”

Sometimes people just really make me wonder what the heck is going on in those brains they have. If there isn’t evidence to support the case you’re trying to make, then why are you taking away the prestige and honor that was earned? Until you have been in these perilous situations, you really have no idea what they are like – and they won’t know, since the CIA is not releasing a transcript. So basically no proof of any wrongdoing. Hopefully Rep. Hunter will be able to stop these types of actions with his new legislation.

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