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Sharia Law is a Right According to Muslim Woman and MSNBC Host


Rachel Maddow’s segment with Linda Sarsour, a Muslim woman apologist, will likely get more views from readers of this post that it got on MSNBC.  Nonetheless, it’s important to highlight the level of lying that American Muslims and their enablers in the US media are willing to tolerate.

Please note in the video below Maddow allows Sarsour to expound about life for Muslims in the US where she says “children are being executed” and complains about twenty-two states that have banned Sharia Law. Maddow simply shakes her head in agreement with this woman statements and doesn’t bother to ask something simple like, “Please cite one instance of a child being executed in the United States.”

Maddow would probably consider that to be a racist question.

We worked with our friend Mr. Google and we were in fact able to find several stories about Muslim children being murdered. Here’s a picture of sixteen-year-old Tina Isa, who lived in St. Louis. Her father, Zein Isa, a Palestinian Muslim, didn’t like her conduct. She came home late one night and that was the final straw, her father took a knife repeatedly stabbed her, killing her. Here’s Tina

And here’s her loving Muslim father. The design on the front and left sleeve of his sweater is his daughter’s blood.

By the way, Tina’s daddy used Sharia Law to justify killing her.
Take a hard look at daddy. He is the fact in the face Muslim “religion.” Tina’s story is repeated countless times every year here in the US, and in every other Western country where Muslims have been allowed unfettered immigration.
We find one point of agreement with Maddow’s guest. We too are appalled that twenty-two states have bans on Sharia Law. All fifty states should have a ban on Sharia Law and there should be a federal ban as well.
Muslims have been a blight on every society they immigrated into. The US is no different, and we should do everything possible to limit Muslim immigration and where possible, root out the more radical of their rot and deport them.



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