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Secret Message Printed in Popeye’s Chicken – But Why???


Holy chickens, Batman! How disgusting is THIS? A Popeye’s Chicken customer bit into her fried chicken, and found some sort of illegible words printed onto the actual meat of the chicken – and it’s gone viral.


One very lucky Popeye’s customer got a special surprise when she bit into her meal and said she found what appears to be a message printed on her chicken meat — in ink.

She tweeted a photo of the chicken, as one does when greeted with a hidden treat in one’s food.

The woman claims she purchased the offending chicken on Wednesday at a Popeyes in Chicago, Illinois. Though letters are visible in the photo, the customer did not say whether or not the words were legible.

The fast food chain responded to the customer directly on Twitter, and urged her to contact its Cajun Hospitality Program, which works to resolve issues in particular restaurants. Popeye’s has not yet responded to Mashable’s request for comment.

Popeye’s has reached out to the customer. But yucky! Why are their words printed on the chicken? What do they mean? What does it say? Is it even edible? How gross. I, for one, won’t be eating there anytime soon. Nasty.


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