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Sack-up America: It’s Not Too Late


I speak to Republican Senators and Congressman today: If you would pass and send a bill abolishing the IRS to Barack Obama’s desk – you’d be re-elected for the next 1,000 years – by Rodney Lee Conover


Lois Lerner

The lion’s share of Americans literally hate the Internal Revenue Service, with their intimidating powers, their undermining of economic growth and freedom, their denying of civil liberties to conservatives and the wasteful, dangerous oversight and enforcement of ObamaCare.

The IRS is despised by Americans so roundly, so intensely that all the GOP has to do is pass a bill abolishing it, let Obama veto it, watch Democrats squirm and ride it to overwhelming majorities in Congress and win the White House in 2016.

But you won’t do it, will you? Why?


Because you’re just as money-grubbing and power-hungry as Democrats.

You Republicans aren’t interested in wise stewardship of the American economy – in fact – the corrupt, lying thieves in the GOP establishment admire what Obama, Pelosi & Reid have been able to do over the past 8 years.

You’re just pissed-off that money didn’t go to your cronies.

Boehner holds a press conference

“I told a lie this big today!”

I’m not going to bore you with how members of the GOP establishment should be thrown out and charged with treason for enabling Amnesty.

I won’t detail how Republicans in the House have not just fully-funded ObamaCare – but how they’ve lied, cajoled and cast 40-some-odd phony votes to repeal the ACA, so their members could go back to their districts and deceive their constituents with puffed-up roll-call stats.

Stupid GOP Tricks Click HERE


John McCain clings tenaciously to George Soros’ love… er, hate handles


You go behind closed-doors with left-wing labor unions, influence-buying lobbyists and George Soros associates who conspire to destroy good conservative candidates and their supporters.

You raise money off the backs of tea party voters, then betray us once in office. And sadly, you’re able to seduce and corrupt half the good conservatives who we send to Washington to defeat you.

You lie.

We don’t have a chance to rid this country of the Marxists, the Maoist wannabes, the liberals, the anti-American, power-hungry and avarice-filled freaks that make up the Democrat Party – unless we first remove the GOP ruling class.

Eric Cantor

Too hard? Go over to Wall Street and tell Eric Cantor it can’t be done.

Sack-up America – it’s not too late. Rodney Lee Conover – Friend me on Facebook – if you dare. No one turned away.

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