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Revised Shakespeare: First thing we do, let’s kill all the educators.


That’s an adaptation from Shakespeare’s Henry VI, Act 4, Scene 2, where Dick says, “the first thing we do let’s kill all the lawyers.” We’ve adapted it for today’s culture because, quite frankly, “educators” do a lot more damage to her children in our society as a whole and lawyers. And we realize that’s saying a lot.

Today’s lesson in “Putting Your Children in Public School is Child Abuse” comes from Dewey high school in Brooklyn, New York. Dewey has apparently had a difficult time getting their students to graduate.  At the beginning of the Obama era, in 2009, the graduation rate was just 56%. We’re sure they were looking for a way to celebrate the inauguration of our first black president, himself apparently a graduate of Columbia University and Harvard Law School, decided that they needed to take drastic action to correct the problem.

And it looks like they succeeded. Last year 79% of Dewey’s young charges successfully graduated. We are surprised that Principal Kathleen Elvin hasn’t been invited to the White House and presented with a Medal of Freedom.

Here’s how they did it.

Teaching kids takes so much effort, staffers at John Dewey High School in Brooklyn have found a quicker way to fix persistent failure rates, sources said: Just let them pass.

Investigators are probing accusations of a massive grade-fixing scheme by educators desperate to boost the graduation rate at Dewey, The Post has learned.

Multiple sources claim Dewey is cutting corners by passing kids with the help of a shady “credit recovery” program that students sarcastically call “Easy Pass.”

We guarantee that it probably took the kids about two hours to come up with “Easy Pass.” They may not be able to read, write, or do simple arithmetic, and we seriously doubt that they know who fought in the Civil War or who won it. But kids are usually pretty good at spotting a scam, especially kids who have some acquaintance with the street.

The system allows failing pupils to get passing grades by playing games, doing work online or taking abbreviated programs that critics argue lack academic rigor.

In one alleged grade-booster, kids got science credit for watching “Jurassic Park,” sources said.


Sources also claim make-up “academy” programs were set up during winter and spring breaks when kids were awarded credit for doing little work.


Other students were given a packet of work to complete in the computer room, but actually played games instead.

There were also blended “Project Graduation” courses, where kids were given an opportunity to earn credit for a variety of subjects. But teachers were stunned when students who failed to pass those courses ended up on the graduation rolls anyway

It turns out that self-preservation for educators, at no matter the cost to the students, was likely the driver of the scam. Both teachers and principals face penalties if their schools fail too many students. Administrators could be fired or reassigned and failing schools could potentially be closed.

Administrators who meet graduation goals received cash bonuses. Somewhat like the administrators of VA hospitals who meet their appointment goals. So what if kids can’t read or write, and nobody will care about a few dead veterans, right?

Nobody listens to kids, and the veterans were old anyway.

There is an ongoing probe at Dewey. If these administrators and teachers cooked the books they should not just lose their jobs, they should go to prison.

Unfortunately, like the administrators at the VA, since they are government employees, they will likely just be allowed to retire, and that is a serious miscarriage of justice. Not only should they go to prison, but they should be subject to class-action lawsuits by students who received diplomas they didn’t earn.

These administrators and teachers should lose everything, because of their dereliction their students will likely never have the opportunity to earn anything.




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