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Republicans Stand Firmly Behind Obama on Amnesty: Are They Stupid or Just Liars?


That’s what the Republican leadership said is going to happen if Obama didn’t sign the DHS funding bill without money to implement his amnesty program. We told you in December when McConnell and Boehner were either stupid or lying through their teeth for most likely both.

We were right.

Congress is sending President Barack Obama a bill to fund the Department of Homeland Security through the end of the budget year, without overturning the president’s immigration policies.

The House on Tuesday voted 257-167 for the measure that Obama is expected to sign. Without action, funding for the department would have expired Friday at midnight.

The outcome was a victory for Obama and Democrats, and a defeat for the GOP strategy of trying to overturn Obama’s executive actions on immigration by linking them to funding for Homeland.

McConnell and Boehner were played for fools by Obama and the Democrats. Surprise, surprise.

They, along with establishment Republicans are today pointing that “Senate Democrats stood firm.” In other words they were all shocked by what was obvious in December. There was never any chance that Senate Democrats would go against President Obama. Never.

Given that a good number of so-called Republican senators support the end product of Obama’s amnesty including Mitch McConnell and John Boehner in the House, we never expected anything different to happen. Especially when you consider that the Republican leadership are cowards to the core.

See the passage of ObamaCare if you have any questions.

So they refused to fight Obama and the Democrats on amnesty, it doesn’t appear that there will be a joint committee to investigate the IRS, it looks like Harry Reid still runs the Senate and Nancy Pelosi is in charge of the House.

The president is now looking at “executive action” to raise taxes on business. Don’t expect the Spineless Bunch to stop that either. The Republican leadership, and The Republican establishment, are willing participants in the dictatorship of Obama.

House Clears Funding for Homeland Security

Three days before Homeland Security department funding was due to expire, the House successfully voted Tuesday to fund the agency through the end of September. The 257-167 vote puts an end the lurching uncertainty for the department, but time will tell just how easy it will be for House Republican leaders to move past the drama of the past few weeks.

On Tuesday, every House Democrat made it possible for 75 House Republicans to secure passage of the policy rider-free DHS funding bill the Senate advanced nearly a week ago. That vote occured because Speaker John A. Boehner, R-Ohio, gave tacit permission for senior appropriator and Idaho Republican Rep. Mike Simpson to force floor consideration of the Senate-passed bill using House Rule XXII.


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