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Rep. Luis Guttiérrez Runs From USC Amnesty Event When Patriots Protest


Congressman Luis Gutierrez of Illinois, a Democrat, was recently surprised when right–leaning activists appeared at a talk given at the University of Southern California.

The presentation was arranged by the office of Representative Karen Bass, who is also a Democrat and who hails from California.

Guittierez visits USC

As you can see in the photo attached above, the talk was given in Spanish only and those wishing to hear it in English were recommended to wear headsets to hear a translator who translated the Spanish to English.

Questions from the audience were not allowed to be asked directly by those attending, but were instead written for the Congressman on papers provided and then screened by those running the event.

Things started hot with protesters yelling, “USA” at the moderator who started in Spanish. After being shouted down by the “USA” chanters, the attendees in the first 3 rows then began yelling back, “Si, se puede!” (Yes, we can).

After being threatened with arrest for disrupting the event, Pro-American protesters shouted, “We live in America, this event should be in English.”

Watch below and see what happens when the USC Campus Police arrive:


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