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[VIDEO] University of Virginia “Alcohol Beverage Cops” Beat a Student Bloody


Higher education, the most far left institution in American society, is under constant attack these days in an effort to move it even farther to the left.

We have feminists screaming rape and the Race Industry screaming, of course, racism.

The incident that set off the Race Industry was the arrest of the University of Virginia student by alcohol beverage control cops. Apparently they asked for an ID, and he resisted them, so they threw him on the ground and handcuffed him.
He needed ten stitches to close a cut on his face. Here’s a partial video of the arrest.

We really don’t know anymore about this incident and you can see on the video. We spent enough time, in our youth, around drunk teenagers to believe that this kid probably brought the initial contact with the cops on himself. Whether or not he deserved ten stitches for being a mouthy drunk is an open question.

We are more likely to believe that, given their history, the Virginia ABC cops were likely out of control.

Not too long ago plainclothes Virginia ABC cops aggressively approached a twenty-year-old white girl, another University of Virginia student, and didn’t bother to identify themselves. She and her two girlfriends who were carrying bottled water and ice cream panicked at the site of this group advancing on them.

They ran for their car, got in the SUV, and when one of the yet unidentified men jumped on the hood of her car and pointed a gun at her she floored the car.

The ABC cops hunted her down, and arrested her on three felony charges. The charges have since been dropped in the UVA students have a pending lawsuit. We wish them the best in court.

We expect the ABC be the recipient of another lawsuit over this latest incident.

Bottom line, we don’t think racism had anything to do with this latest arrest, we are inclined to believe that the ABC cops are just idiots.
Now then let’s talk about the real racism going on at the University of Virginia.

The real racism at the University of Virginia relates to admissions.

Until 1999 when court decisions outlawed the practice, University of Virginia admissions office awarded extra points to black applicants simply because they were black.

University admissions offices all over the country never let a court decision stand in the way of their preferred version of Affirmative Action.

And the University of Virginia is no different.

A recent study showed that the median SAT scores for all UVA students was 1350. That is the median for all students. They didn’t publish a score for White or Asian students. They did, however, publish the median score for Black students, it was 1026.

The University admitted 86% of Black Virginia students with the high school grade point average ranging from 3.3 to 3.7 with SAT scores ranging from 1051 to 1150.

If you were a White student with exactly the same qualifications you had an 8% chance of being admitted.

It would be instructive to look at the graduation rates of black students versus white students at the University of Virginia. We would expect that black students have a significantly lower graduation rate, a significantly lower employment rate, and a significant higher student loan default rate. That is the gift that the UVA admissions department is bestowing on Black students by lowering their admissions standards.

“Racism” is a double-edged sword here. The University of Virginia is practicing racism against better qualified white and Asian students by admitting poorly qualified black students for the sake of “diversity.” There also practicing racism against those black students by setting them up for failure and endangering them with student loan balances they may never have the ability to repay.

That’s the Race Industry at its finest.


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