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Nuclear Disaster Leaves Ukraine City In Ruin: [PICTURES WILL ASTOUND]


April 26, 1986 was the day that changed everything for the city of Pripyat, Ukraine. The worst nuclear disaster in history took place at Chernobyl- and Pripyat was a casualty.

The city that once had 50,000 residents is now a ghost town, as radiation levels are too high for human habitation, but are safe for a quick tourist visit.

Ruin Porn is just the best. I love checking out that fabulous way nature takes over long after humans are no longer involved. This place will have you on the hunt for more and more of these places.

No one will be riding the Ferris Wheel or checking into that hotel anytime soon.

Pripyat will be the first in a series on abandoned places. Enjoy!

Check out those awesome pics of Pripyat:





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