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UPDATE: “Service Man with Baby In Flag” Photographer’s Life Returns to Normal


Stephanie Krupicka was cleaning ice cream out of the back of her SUV, one of the joys of having five children and perhaps a welcome return to normal for the local woman whose picture of a baby wrapped in a American Flag held by a soldier, created a internet firestorm a few weeks back.

Krupicka’s  thought she was handling the stress pretty well and so did her friends. A few asked, “how can you be so calm?”   However as things were starting to die down she found herself in the emergency room with her very first migraine headache.

The doctor had actually been following her story on the internet and knew the headaches were stress related. She was given, “quite a few medications” and prescribed rest.  Apparently she had been stuffing some emotions.

The You Call Yourself a Photographer page took the picture down, either by choice or were forced to by Facebook. Krupicka had received some mean-spirited emails and a nasty message on her phone machine from folks who thought she was breaking code on how to handle the American Flag. That was the stance You Call Yourself a Photographer took as well.

She even got some added stress from someone who may have been trying to be helpful. Someone created a new Stephanie Krupicka Facebook page and was sending personal messages, some of them not so kind, to people who were attacking Krupicka. But she got that straightened out too.

Graphic #5 Obama drawing his own flagHowever a vast majority of people found Krupicka’s picture heartwarming and defended her use of the flag in the picture.

Krupicka and her husband moved to the valley five years ago, from the Portland area, when he took a job as a pipe fitter out at the mill. She was in the medical field at the time, but people kept calling and asking her to take pictures, so now that is her full time job, that and the kids who range in age from 14 to 2. She limits her monthly shoots so she can take care of the family.

When she has free time Krupicka likes to hang out in the backyard with the family. She is also addicted to CrossFit, shoots trap and does some target practice on occasion.

Although things are back to normal she still wonders, “who threatens someone over a picture?” Good question.


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