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Perhaps, at this point, we can’t handle the truth.



“Truth is like the sun. You can shut it out for a time, but it ain’t goin’ away.” –Elvis Presley

Hillary Clinton is a liar. She has been lying to the American people for three decades. And if allowed, she will continue to lie to the American people if it serves her and her purposes. Trust me.

Hillary Clinton is an out-of-touch politician. She isn’t capable of relating to us, the normal folk. She has been entrenched too deeply for far too long. She is the face of the Washington establishment. It’s all she knows. She doesn’t understand that it is difficult to make ends meet and that some of us really are smart enough to determine the course of our lives. Trust me, she doesn’t get it, nor does she care.

Hillary Clinton is a feminist. She hates her uterus and breasts. She sees those “anatomical enemies” as liabilities and literally, physical road blocks of her ascension to the Oval Office. She hates men–all men. To include her husband. There is a coldness and indifference in her. And Ole Billy-baby seems a little put out with her as of late. He is sorta, kinda throwing her under the bus in this whole Email-gate scandal. Oh well, I suppose he has done worse to her. Remember Monica and that cigar. Yep, that was unfortunate. Hillary hasn’t forgotten the disgrace and humiliation she suffered during those years. Trust me.

Hillary Clinton is a socialist. She believes in and would continue the redistribution of American wealth set in motion by our Dear Leader. This notion of economic policy is something she has been uncharacteristically honest in regard to. She doesn’t believe high taxation is unfair and is hopeful that America will one day be a European-style welfare nation. She read, studied under and embrace the ideals of Saul Alinsky. If you aren’t familiar with Alinsky’s teachings and philosophies, he basically hated America. And his avenue for change was to be accomplished through the subversive breakdown of American institutions. He argued that first, America must be broken and then rebuilt in a more fair way. Terrifying stuff, y’all. Trust me.

Hillary Clinton is polarizing. There is no lukewarm opinion of her. She is either loved or hated. She is divisive. And because of her long-standing love affair with Washington DC, she will never accomplish anything meaningful. The political lines will be drawn. She will worsen the gridlock in our nation’s capitol and will further debilitate the country. Trust me.

Hillary Clinton is going to run for President of the United States. Don’t shake your heads. Don’t roll your eyes at me. Get ready, she is. And because our nation is in such a tailspin currently, she will enjoy the support of some very big and very influential donors. She will be backed by important names and popular faces. She will be the mainstream media’s darling. She will energize the misguided female voting population. (Sometimes, I struggle with despising my gender.) She will appeal to young voters because they, with their idyllic mentality, will embrace the idea of Mrs. Clinton breaking through those nasty, hated glass ceilings. *sigh* She will put forth a good fight and will, undoubtedly, be a worthy adversary. Trust me.

But above all else, I return to my initial accusation. Hillary Clinton is a liar. And if a majority of the American people are dumb enough to support and elect ANOTHER proven liar to the highest office of our land, then we deserve to be lied to.

We don’t deserve the truth.

Perhaps, at this point, we can’t handle the truth.


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Maci Newsom

I am a completely ordinary girl. I am a wife, mommy, daughter, sister, friend, devoted Christian, twangy Texan and proud American. While my husband was stationed at Ft. Benning, Ga., I studied at and graduated from Columbus State University. I obtained a degree in Political Science. But aside from my education, my life has been filled with valuable lessons and God-given blessings. And because of what I have seen, and because of what I have learned, I am convinced that being a conservative is right. I believe all life, born and unborn, is sacred and ordained by God. I believe marriage is between one man and one woman. I believe in good stewardship, frugality and personal accountability. I believe that America is the greatest nation the world has ever known and that she is a land filled with endless opportunity for those who are willing to work hard, make sacrifices and live within their means. I believe a strong military is not only wise, necessary and a Constitutional requirement, but also the greatest deterrent for our global enemies seeking to harm or destroy our precious way of life. I believe in liberty, freedom and the right to bear arms. In fact, I believe the assumption of our Founders was that we would all possess arms and that that sentiment explains the wording and grammatical construction of the 2nd Amendment. I believe in families. I believe in small business. I believe in low taxes and small government. I believe in the American dream and the enduring strength of the American spirit. I am a completely ordinary gal. I am a conservative country girl.


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