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Outrageous! Two Cops Suspended for Shooting … Wait! Where’s My Calendar??


What’s with Utah?  Two cops got suspended without pay for wearing their camo uniforms with “POLICE” emblazoned on the back.  Three days without pay.

The Utah Department of Public Safety imposed the discipline in December on Rob Wilkinson, a Utah Highway Patrol sergeant, and Justin Hansen, a State Bureau of Investigation agent. The department released its discipline records last week after receiving a request to obtain them by The Salt Lake Tribune.

What did they do to deserve this?

Neither Wilkinson nor Hansen sought their superiors’ permission to participate, and superiors learned of the activity only when they saw video clips played by the news media in Utah, according to the records.

The men were disciplined for conduct that brings discredit to an officer or agency, and for wearing their uniform during a promotion for a product — both rules violations, the records show. Wilkinson and Hansen declined comment.

An acquaintance asked the two to help supervise the firing line where the models shot at targets, according to an internal affairs report.

The report also notes Hot Shots purports to donate a portion of its proceeds to charities for wounded soldiers.

Here’s the video, you be the judge.  Should these guys have been suspended?

Shame on Utah.

Looks to us like they did a bang up job of supervising the firing line.  How about that mini-gun?  No one was hurt in the filming of the video so we think they did their job.

OTOH, we’d have volunteered to take their place for three days without pay.  Who wouldn’t.  Those were nice, uhh, guns.

Where do we get our calendar?


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