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Operation Underground Railroad Protects Kids From Kidnapping and Sex Trafficking


Tim Ballard had enough of watching kids fall victim to sex trafficking. He banded together an amazing group of people, all to help save kids. He’s all about doing the right thing for the right reasons – even if it means risking their own lives to save them:

After working terrorist cases in Latin America with the CIA and spending over a decade as a Special Agent with the Department of Homeland Security rescuing children from the sex tourism industry, Tim Ballard turned in his badge in December of 2013 and resigned.


He was tired of the red tape and bureaucracy; and while he was proud of the work he had done for his country, he wanted to save the children he saw falling through the cracks. These lost children, he said, represent over 90% of the children in the sex industry; and he couldn’t help them while he was working for the U.S. government.

He went on to found Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.), an organization that rescues kidnapped children from sex slavery. Their team consists of former CIA, Green Berets, and SEALs who risk their lives to rescue children in bondage.

There are several steps O.U.R. takes when they plan their rescue missions. First, they assess the feasibility of the situation to make sure they can work with local authorities and do everything legally. Then they research the location of the rescue operation, the children involved, and the backgrounds of those running the sex rings. They also look for legitimate orphanages that will take in the rescued children and provide them with food, shelter, and rehabilitation.

The next step involves designing a rescue strategy, which the former military and government agent teams are especially adept at. Once the plan is in place, the teams take action, often posing as traffickers and clients to get to the children. Their work is dangerous, but important.

Once the children are rescued, they are returned to their families or taken to an orphanage where they will receive the care they need. The O.U.R. team then follows the arrests, trials, and sentencing of the traffickers to make sure they never kidnap children again.

What an amazing cause to have taken up, to ensure the safety and well being of those who cannot help themselves. Amazing that the US Government wouldn’t allow him to help, but he was allowed the exposure to the people suffering? At any rate, his program deserves a huge thumbs up on all fronts, and should be shared by all that believe that this is one of the greatest programs in the world!


Written by Katie McGuire. Follow Katie on Twitter @GOPKatie, or email the author at


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