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Oh My! Or Actually, “O J,” How Far You’ve Fallen…


We grew up watching Number 32.

We still remember sitting end zone seats at Shea Stadium, in the snow, thinking we were going to freeze to death watching the Buffalo Bills beat the New York Jets. There had to of been 6 inches of snow on the field and it came down the whole game. Number 32, that would be OJ Simpson, seemed to be the only person in that ZIP code who could stay on his feet. He gained over 200 yards that day.

Needless to say The Juice has come along way since then, and not in a good way.

As you likely know OJ is serving time in Nevada mostly because Los Angeles District Attorney didn’t convict him of murder. And in prison the glory that was “The Juice,” “Number 32,” isn’t even a distant memory.

OJ is serving 9 to 33 years for his crimes Nevada, and apparently he could be out of prison in a couple of years.  And, OJ apparently needs knee surgery.

OJ Simpson, who is currently incarcerated in the Lovelock Correctional Center in Nevada, cannot walk without a cane and fears he will be in a wheelchair when he finally leaves prison, the Daily Mail Online has learned exclusively.

He is furious with prison officials because he says they refuse to allow him to leave the prison to get the surgery he can only get on the outside. let him get medical care outside.

And now, OJ fears he will soon be in a wheelchair and may never walk again.

Apparently OJ has the money to pay for his surgery and he just needs to be transported to a hospital outside the prison for the surgery. Prison officials won’t approve the transportation. OJ insists that if he doesn’t get the surgery needs, to correct injuries from his NFL career, he will never walk again.

This gives real meaning to, “Do the crime, Do the time.”OJ, we hardly know you.


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