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Obama’s Legacy: Two Cops Shot in Ferguson


Barack Obama’s legacy is being written as we type. Two police officers were shot in Ferguson, Missouri. Several hundred people had turned out to “demonstrate” in front of the Ferguson Police Department after the announcement that Ferguson’s Police Chief had resigned. The shots came from the crowd.

The police chief’s resignation comes on the heels of a report by Eric Holder’s department of justice that accused the Ferguson Police Department of racism. A fair reading of the report also shows that Ferguson’s black community is significantly more likely to break the law than the white community.

Unfortunately with this administration the fact that Blacks are eight times more likely to commit violent crime than their white neighbors is viewed as “racism.”

Video above, produced by Reuters, in addition to providing some facts about the shooting also shows Reuters; racist leanings. Note the description of Michael Brown. They referred to him as an “unarmed black teenager” who was killed by a “white cop.”

In fact is that grand jury investigation proved Michael Brown was felon who had just robbed the store and assaulted the store on. When confronted by a Ferguson police officer responding to the call he attacked a police officer and try to take his gun. When he couldn’t get the officers gun he fled the scene the officer gave chase and Brown turned and charge the officer. At that point, in the middle of an attack on a police officer, he was killed by the officer in self-defense.

Barack Obama and Eric Holder’s Department of Justice sent hundreds of civil rights attorneys and FBI agents to Ferguson in an attempt to pin a murder charge on the cop who defended himself

They were involved on a daily basis in the progress of the grand jury investigation, and conducted their own investigation.

Last week they announced that no charges would be brought against the police officer who defended himself and killed Michael Brown. The Ferguson crowds got exactly what they had been demanding, “Justice For Michael Brown.” It seems the problem in the black community is, they can’t understand that “justice” for attempting to murder a police officer is when the part gets killed.

Unfortunately this isn’t likely the last time were going to get to write a story like this. The true history of Barack Obama’s legacy is going to be soaked in the blood of race riots stoked by Obama’s overt racism and encouragement of the criminal element in the black community.


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