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Obama DHS Advisor Mohamed Elibiary is Tweeting for Jihad: Joe For America Threat?


On January 5, 2015, I published a story on the website “Joe For America” detailing some disturbing facts about the anti-American, Muslim Brotherhood loyalties held by Mohamed Elibiary, Obama’s former advisor in the Department of Homeland Security.

Apparently, Mr. Elibiary is not happy with my story and is now pushing back.

The article titled, “Obama’s Former Radical Muslim DHS Advisor Compiles CAIR’s List of ‘Islamophobes!’ is HERE


He is tweeting that those who oppose him do not understand the difference between Sunni and Shia Islam, but even more frightening is the fact that he seems to be calling for Jihad.

In a tweet in which he hash-tagged the terrorist group, ISIS, Elibiary wrote, “#Jihadists love #Crusaders. They survived all crusades and will use “Soldiers for Christ” volunteers to grow “Jihadist” recruitment. #CVE #ISIS.”


Am I missing something, or does that appear to be a threat to you? Regarding my article, he tweeted, “#Islamophobes who apparently can’t tell diff btwn Sunnis & Shia are upset I helped anti-hate orgs defeat their plans.” @joeforamerica


Here’s Elibiary Twitter page:

All of this is from the man that Obama hired as one of his top advisors in the United States Department of Homeland Security. With friends like that in charge, maybe we should defund the department. Keep your eyes open and watch everything this radical Muslim posts. Do not for one moment think that he is not is in direct contact with your beloved anti-American, Muslim Brotherhood puppet President Hussein Obama.

Am I next to make it on CAIR’s list of Islamophobes? I will wear it as a badge of honor.

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aalaurie3Laurie Sterling writes for several conservative websites, including Lady Patriots, Joe for America, and her own website, Watch Lady on the Wall.  Laurie earned a Masters of Theological Studies degree from Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary in 2014.

In 2005,  Laurie released her highly acclaimed CD, “I’m Looking at Heaven.”  She appears on several radio shows, including Liberty Talk and Lady Patriots radio and is available for public speaking events.  Follow Laurie on Twitter @lauriesterlingm


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