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Obama To Republicans: “I Don’t Need No Stinking Congress..”


That’s right. Just in case you were wondering the President is about to show the world that he and he alone is the Giver of Law in the United States. The “Congress” is nothing more than a ceremonial body.

Latest case in point, the Iran Nuclear Deal. The president and the Democrats have had their panties in a wad sense Senator Tom Cotton published a letter signed by all forty-seven Republican senators to the government of Iran. The letter explained that any deal President Obama makes that is not approved by Congress can be made null and void by a new administration.

It’s not complicated, it’s a simple matter of constitutional law. In fact, it’s so simple that Secretary of State John “I Hate America” Kerry agrees.

But as we know, Constitutional Law has never deferred the president or his Democratic acolytes from doing anything they want. They are usually pretty sure that the Republicans are not going to be willing to fight.  Unfortunately we haven’t seen anything to indicate President Obama is wrong on that count.

The President is putting together a plan to go around the Congress by going to the

United Nations Security Council. He plans to work with the Security Counsel on new resolutions that would further ease sanctions on Iran in the event of a “deal” that he likes. He’s even going further by working on a comprehensive United Nations resolution that would potentially serve as a legally binding international treaty that would not give the Congress a say in the matter.

Tennessee Senator Bob Corker is pushing a bill that would require the president to submit text any Nuclear Deal with Iran to a congressional sixty-day review process. Like most Republican fiddling Corker’s bill does nothing but justify the title of “The Stupid Party” on Republicans. Obama has no intention of submitting any “deal” to the Congress. And you can be sure will go to what ever links necessary to sign the deal that blocks the Congress from taking any action.

You can also that that Republicans will make a lot of noise and do nothing. It’s looking more and more like it’s time to reintroduce the “Duck and Cover” exercises into our schools.

Think of it as Barack Obama’s legacy.


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