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Obama Switches Sides in the War on Terror


Compared to the state of US foreign policy the “Wonderland” that Alice lived in was the real world. We get the feeling somebody snuck it hidden camera into the Oval Office into a meeting with Barack Obama and John Kerry and whoever else is in his “national security” inner circle we find them sitting around, a blue haze from ceiling down the desk level, and Knights In White Satin playing loudly on one side of the room the with a podcast shuffle of Obama’s Greatest Speeches playing on the other side.

The first new story we saw today said that the Obama administration has removed Iran and Hezbollah from its list of terror states. There now the good guys.In the last six years Obama has removed the prime sponsors and delivery mechanisms for Islamic terrorism around the world. Iran the number one sponsor of terrorist organizations worldwide. They have been since Jimmy Carter was president, and he tried to negotiate with them too. We all remember how that turned out.

Hamas, better known as the “Palestinian Authority” that launches continual rocket attacks into Israeli civilian areas has been off the terror list for some time. Apparently the fact that they’re only trying to kill Jews, and a few Christians, isn’t enough to make them a terrorist organization.

In case you’re not old enough to remember, Hezbollah is the Lebanese Muslim terrorist organization that launched the truck bomb attack against the United States Marine Corps barracks in the 80s killing 444 Marines. As much as we like Ronald Reagan, we still haven’t forgiven him for not eliminating Lebanon from the face of the earth for that attack. Our lack of response to the murder of our Marines, especially with Reagan is present, gave the Muslims every reason to believe United States was a paper kitty cat.

In reality we really haven’t done much sense to change that impression.

In other news that will send you looking for anti-depressants, the Associated Press is reporting today that John Kerry’s negotiations with the Iranians are bearing fruit for the Obama administration.

A draft nuclear accord now being negotiated between the United States and he ran force he ran to cut hardware it could use to make an atomic bomb by about 40% for at least a decade, while offering the Iranians immediate relief from sanctions that have crippled their economy…

As an added enticement, elements of the UN arms embargo against the ran could be rolled back.

In other words John Kerry, who sat on North Vietnam side of the table when the US was negotiating with the Vietnamese in the early 70s and while Kerry was still serving as a reserve officer in the United States Navy, is giving the Iranians the green light to go ahead and build a nuclear weapon.

Pres. Obama is obviously really just off that Netanyahu won his election. It looks to us like Obama’s idea of retribution for Israeli voters looks something like this:

But, as the guy on the infomercial says, THERE’S MORE!!

According to an article in POLITICO today, the Obama administration, since they have a big void in their list of terror sponsoring nations, is about to throw Israel under the bus at the UN and at the International Criminal Court.

The administration is likely to either side with or not block Security Council resolution condemning Israel’s opposition to a “Palestinian state.” There also looking at allowing the “Palestinians” a seat on the International Criminal Court which will give long time terrorist organization Hamas a platform to charge the Israelis with war crimes.

It’s going to be interesting to see if the anti-Semetic wing of the Democratic Party – which is most of them – is going to line up behind Barack Obama’s attempt to complete the job that Adolph Eichmann started.



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