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Obama KNEW About Hillary’s Private Email… He Just Lied About It [VIDEO]


President Barack Obama told the nation just last week that he learned about Hillary’s private email account from the newspaper reports. Just like the rest of us. Even the New York Times says he’s lying.

In CBS news interview the president noted that it was his administration’s policy to “encourage transparency.” Yeah, right.

Here’s the money quote from the New York Times.

In the portion of the interview that was released, Mister Obama did not address how he could’ve avoided noticing that Mrs. Clinton was sending emails from a “” address she served his administration.

The Obama White House has repeatedly denied president knew about Hillary’s personal, private email server that was being used for all of her government business. It looks like that fairytale is dead now. But they’re still desperately clinging to “No Comment” for questions relating to whether Hillary violated administration policies or broken laws related to the use of her private email server.

Everybody is in denial about Hillary’s email. The New York Times is still flogging the tweet she sent out last week saying that she wanted the public to see her email.

What they refused to bring up is the fact that Hillary has total control over that email server in her basement. She has the ability to wipe clean any emails she doesn’t want anyone to see. We are expecting this incident will hound her no matter how hard her friends and supporters at the New York Times and the Washington Post try to suppress it.

Please pass the popcorn.



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