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Obama Creates an Economic Miracle Without Republican Help: On Another Planet


That’s what you likely believe if you read the major media and get your news from TV news.  We’ve had twelve straight months of job creation in excess of 200,000 per month.  Isn’t that wonderful?

It certainly is, if you don’t pay attention to the details, after all, that’s where the devil lives.

And those details?

1. Labor Force Participation.

LFP is is the number of people of working age who are working or looking for work.  It’s reached a 37 year low under the guidance of Barack Obama and his Democrats.  Republicans have had virtually no input into economic policy for the past six years.

Yes, we’ve had 12 straight months of job growth (more on who got those jobs in a moment) but a lower percentage of Americans are working or looking for work than at any time since 1978 when Jimmy Carter was President.  And, we’ve got more Americans on Food Stamps than ever.

It’s Obama’s War on American Workers that the President is being allowed to pass off as an “economic miracle.”

2. Women Not Working.

Here’s a real war on women.  Fifty six million women over the age of 16 are not working or looking for work.  Over 260,000 women have dropped out of the workforce in the last two months.  The labor force participation for women is at an all time low of 56.7%.

The Obama economy has changed the landscape for American workers, men and women.  It is grinding the hope out of the American people.  That’s what a Democratic economic miracle looks like.

3. One hundred percent of the job growth has gone to immigrant workers.

Not necessarily illegal immigrants, but immigrants none the less.

Since the beginning of the recession in December of 2007 — it is believed to have ended in June 2009 — while the native-born population of Americans has experienced a net job loss, the foreign born population has seen net job growth.

New data from Obama’s Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that from the start of the recession in 2007 immigrant workers are holding 1.9 million additional jobs.

In the same time period there are 1.1 million fewer native born Americans working.  That a net swing of four million jobs away from US citizens to immigrants.  And Obama wants to give another 15 million currently illegal aliens the right to take jobs away from American workers.

The most interesting thing about the illegals is that the jobs they’ll take are low skilled jobs.  Guess who they’ll be competing against for those low skill jobs?  If you guessed black workers, you win the prize.

The economic miracle that Obama has created?  The miracle is that the press is not calling for his crucifixion.  The miracle is that the opposition party in the Congress isn’t calling for him to be drawn and quartered.  And the real miracle is that the black community isn’t screaming for him to be impeached because their unemployment rate is twice the white unemployment rate.

But then, the idea that the President should be held accountable for the US economy and the damage to US workers six years into his administration would be racist.  And we can’t have that.


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