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Obama Administration Spends $125B.. on Fraud and Abuse!


Last year the Obama administration, according to the Government Accountability Office, doled out $125 billion in improper payments, mostly through Medicare, Medicaid, and the Earned Income Tax Credit.

About $60 billion is due to Medicare overpayments and another $18 billion is from Medicaid. Is there any wonder why Obama and his ilk love the idea of ObamaCare? Here’s what the chart looks like.

About $18 billion of the total was due to the Earned Income Tax Credit and Obama’s amnesty plan isn’t even in effect yet. Putting illegals on Medicaid, which the administration is working diligently to do, and giving them the Earned Income Tax Credit, which is built into Obama’s amnesty rules, and we should see those numbers at least double in two years.

$125 billion in fraud and abuse is a 17% increase from 2013 when those payments totaled about $106 billion.

Just to give you an idea how inefficient the Federal Government is, that 17% increase comes on the heels of laws being put in place requiring departments to document the amount of improper payments they make and report to Congress how much it cost the government. They’re also supposed to adopt agency-wide strategies to address the problem.

Given the numbers it’s pretty obvious the agencies don’t think that fraud and abuse are a problem. In this administration it’s the purpose of government.

And just so you will have a much warmer and fuzzier feeling toward your government the Social Security Administration admitted last week that it has more than million people currently on its rolls who are listed as more than 112 years old. But fear not, we have every confidence that every one of those centenarians are going down to their local convenience store to cash those Social Security checks, and their diligent about maintaining their voter registration with the Democratic Party.

To put this in perspective for you, about 120 million people pay federal income taxes. That means if you paid federal income tax last year, the first thousand dollars you paid went down a rat hole.

Your federal government at work.



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