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Norway Had A Crime Problem. Guess How They Fixed It?


Norway had a runaway crime problem. That’s not something we normally associate with the Norwegians. We always figured it’s just too cold to commit much crime, but apparently we were wrong.

The important point with the story is that Norway FIXED their crime problem.

According to reports parts of Norway were like the south side of Chicago. Except the criminals weren’t young black males they were – drumroll please – MUSLIMS!!

Immigrant Muslims.

A Norwegian noted something about the criminals that our President would never be caught dead saying.

“The world’s largest gang of thugs, murderers, and rapists is masquerading as a religion of peace.”

And then Norway’s Prime Minister did something that will likely earn her a review from President Obama when he needs to get news headlines focused on something other than one of his many administration scandals.

The new Norwegian Prime Minister, Erna Solberg, began a program that deports Muslims who have ties to radical groups…

And guess what happened when Solberg started importing the terrorists?

Well, Norway’s violent crimes are down more than 31%.

Norway has done what we should be doing here in America. They re-prioritized their immigration and are dramatically increasing deportations. The result? A huge drop in their crime rate.

President Obama and his Democratic Party are taking us in exactly the opposite direction by illegally rewriting our immigration law by presidential mandate. They’re looking to legalize, without background investigations, up to 7 million illegal aliens this year. And the Republican Congress, that would be the Republican leadership that swore they would stop The Obama Amnesty, has jumped on board with the President’s program of amnesty for illegal aliens.

It wasn’t so cold we think about moving to Norway.



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