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New Orleans Airport Machete Attacker is Just Crazy


Earlier today a machete wielding man ran through the TSA checkpoint at a gate in the New Orleans airport.  He was shot to death, three to the head, by an armed Sheriff’s deputy.  There are a number of interesting things related to this story.  Here’s the report.

First thing, this doesn’t appear to be a terrorist attack, it appears to be a certifiable nut-case, very well armed, bent on killing as many people as possible before “suicide by cop.”

The man who attacked a security area at the New Orleans airport with a machete and wasp spray also had a bag of Molotov cocktails and a car containing smoke bombs and gas cylinders, authorities said.

The suspect, Richard White, 63, died Saturday after treatment for three bullet wounds he suffered when a sheriff’s lieutenant fired at him to halt the Friday night attack, the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office said.

The second thing is that this incident will likely be used to continue to justify the TSA.  In today’s case they did a good job, getting people out of harms way.  It wasn’t a TSA agent who shot the intruder, it was a Sheriff’s Deputy.

Providing airport security doesn’t require an enormous federal bureaucracy, it can be handled very well by private contractors working with local airports.  It was, after all, local law enforcement that brought this incident to a conclusion.

The Department of Homeland Security and the TSA may well be the worst legacy of George W. Bush’s tenure in office.  Let’s not use one good result to justify a really, really bad decision.


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