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New Mexico HS Students to Celebrate Communism


Students at a high school in New Mexico are going to celebrate Communism.  Really.  Communism.  And it appears that the leaders of the pack are among the “best and brightest.”

“Prom-unism.”  The most disturbing part of this fiasco is the idea that kids pushing this are apparently International Baccalaureate students who “love world history.”  Typically only the top students get into IB classes and the classes are supposed to be rigorous.  These kids are supposed to be “interested in politics” too.  It looks to us like all this is just a “supposed to be” because it certainly doesn’t reflect the real world.

Here are the simple facts.  Communism has butchered more people than it’s almost possible to imagine.

Total Body Count 156,735,610
Country Body Count
1 People’s Republic of China 73,237,000
2 Union of Soviet Socialist Republics 58,627,000
3 Russian Soviet Federated Socialist Republic  9,494,000
4 Democratic People’s Republic of Korea 3,163,000
5 Vietnam 2,732,000
6 Cambodia 2,627,000
7 Democratic Republic of Afghanistan 1,750,000
8 People’s Democratic Republic of Ethiopia 1,343,610
9 Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia 1,072,000
10 Chinese Soviet Republic 700,000

156,735,610 people butchered by Communist regimes.  And that’s a conservative number.  For instance, in North Korea historians are using a middle estimate of 2.5 million people who were starved to death.  In Cambodia, the 2.6 million dead amounted to one-third of the nation’s population.

As a comparison, to compare evil to evil, most people think of Nazis when it comes to slaughtering civilians.  They’re pikers.  A mere

Reportedly, some of the students who are pushing the Communism theme are “jokers.”  Maybe they could decorate their prom site like Pol Pot decorated Cambodia.

It’s pretty obvious to even a casual observer that whatever is being taught in the “world history” class is missing the most important facts.  Frankly, that’s exactly what we’d expect from this bunch.


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