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New at Starbucks, a Mocha Latte With Free Racism… WTH?


Yep, that’s right, Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz fresh off his tirade about how Americans shouldn’t have the right to own or carry a gun, is challenging his baristas to engage their customers in a conversation about race.

Howard Schultz is a ninny. Most days he makes Michael Bloomberg look like a real man. His last foray into social meddling was to pretend to be a supporter of the Second Amendment by making a big deal about not banning guns Starbucks stores.

When the media frenzy was at its height and he was taking heat from legislators who would sell their souls to ban firearms Schultz insisted he was not banning guns and said customers carrying them will be served. He was simply asking pro-gun customers to be less flamboyant in the way they handle the issue.

It obviously never occurred to him that since the vast majority of Americans are pro-Second Amendment the appropriate thing to do would be to tell the gun grabbers to get a life.

Schultz is now stepping up his meddling. It’s not enough that he thinks Starbucks and their customers should celebrate same-sex marriage, confiscation of firearms, or US government gridlock that stops Obama’s Socialist regime. Schultz is now paying homage to the spirit Al Sharpton by challenging his baristas to engage their customers about race relations.

This week, as you stop off for your mocha latte the whisper of cinnamon and a splash and whipped cream you may find the words “Race Together” written on your cup. The idea is to stimulate a conversation about race in America by having their employees, who typically happen to be college graduates with huge student loan balances from their degree in Women’s Studies or another useless equivalent, bring up the subject of race including a variety of perspectives on race.

We’re going to miss out on this because frankly, we think Starbucks coffee sucks. We know like burned beans. And we don’t go to buy coffee the part of and “experience,” we buy coffee because we need caffeine.

On the other hand, if we do happen to wake up grouchy some morning, there is a Starbucks right across the street. We may just strap on our pistol and go see if somebody wants to have a conversation about race relations. We have prepared questions.


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