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Netanyahu’s Speech: The Children – aka Liberals – Respond. What they Said May Shock You..


Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, made his “controversial” speech to Congress on Tuesday. There was applause, standing ovations and glowing reviews and commentary. Senator Lindsay Graham, columnist Charles Krauthammer, and radio talk-show host, Dennis Prager, praised the Prime Minister for his blunt truth about the threat of a nuclear Iran.

All thoughtful, brilliant men, but what about the children? by Felicia Wilson – follow her on Twitter @willsonwoman

Yes, that’s right, the children. What did the children think of the Prime Minister’s speech?

The first reaction comes from a little boy named Barry. Barry is a selfish child, always insisting everything be done his way. He does not take well to being criticized or challenged. When he is challenged, he responds with lying, finger pointing, and glibness. He’s the flippant boy in class who, when another student answers a question, says with a snort, “Thanks genius. Like everyone doesn’t know that.”

Barry’s take on the speech was “…there was nothing new.” Did you watch the speech, Barry? “I don’t need to. I just know.”

Barack-Obama-Benjamin-NetanyahuBarry is right in one respect: Netanyahu’s summary of Iran’s historical and current despotic, tyrannical den of terror is not new. Iran’s hatred of Israel and America is not new. Iran’s funding, support and perpetration of Islamic terror is not new.

However, Netanyahu’s speech carries the aroma of that new car smell for one very important reason: The truth of this serious threat was finally, and boldly, presented to the American people. The words spoken by the Prime Minister have never been uttered by our President. Our president says things like:

“We approach these negotiations with a basic understanding:  Iran, like any nation, should be able to access peaceful nuclear energy.”

“…now is not the time to move forward on new sanctions – because doing so would derail this promising first step, alienate us from our allies and risk unraveling the coalition that enabled our sanctions to be enforced in the first place.”

Cue the concessions, rolling back of sanctions, and extended negotiations. The President is so intent on a deal, any deal, that he ignores the facts of who is sitting across the table. He has presented the process like we’re making a deal with this somewhat sketchy guy named Luke. Luke is a little rough around the edges, but he just needs someone to listen to him and he’ll come around. If we just give Luke a little wiggle room, because everyone deserves a chance, he’ll see the error of his ways. What the president neglects to mention is that Luke is a nickname. The man we’re negotiating with is much better known by his real name of Lucifer, and “when he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.”

Netanyahu knows that. He is sober and alert, for he is aware that Iran prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.

Barry, with the mind of a child, naively believes that the devil across the table, the father of lies, is to be trusted and will stick to his word on the deal.

NancyPelosi crying or laughing

Then there’s little Nancy. The speech made her cry (Weird, it’s usually little Johnny Boehner crying). Bibi hurt her feelings. She felt insulted. Though why she felt insulted, nobody is really sure. It’s most likely because some of her friends didn’t think it was cool to attend the speech, so she had to act like it was uncool too.

And what did pint-sized Johnny Yarmuth of Kentucky have to say about it? He sarcastically congratulated Netanyahu “on a very impressive bit of political theater.” Silly Johnny isn’t mature enough to realize that his condemnation of the speech as “political theatre” is actually… political theatre. Undeveloped minds don’t understand irony.

Poor Johnny, like many of the ignorant children responding, is like a marionette, unaware of the strings manipulating his body – after all, puppets’ heads are made of wood. He is oblivious to the progressive puppeteers, known as the Obama Administration, that have firmly secured wires to the arms, legs and mouths of democrats, and are violently dragging them from a measure of moderation to the extreme lengths of leftism.

The response of the children is to be expected. Children don’t think as much as they feel. They are rarely concerned with morality, and often consumed with self-satisfaction. They place selfish desires above clarity, truth and, in this case, national security. Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech addressed the real dangers Israel, the United States and the world are facing in a potentially nuclear Iran. Real dangers that have not been outlined by our President. Real dangers that Obama doesn’t seem to believe even exist.

Our president has not been forthright with the American people about the consequences of his precious legacy deal, because to him, that’s all it seems to be – a precious legacy. Barry, Nancy, and Johnny are caught in a perpetual state of childish notions, preventing them from seeing what the actual legacy could be: death and destruction.

Whitney Houston sang that children are our future. What an incredibly misleading statement. Children who develop their minds, pursue truth and wisdom, abandon emotionally driven ideology and eventually become adults – they are our future. It’s time to relegate little Barry, Nancy, and Johnny to our past.


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