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My Break-Up Letter to President Obama



Dear President Obama,

We have had a few rough years. I held onto hope that maybe, some how you really did have America’s best interests at heart. Even if I didn’t vote for you, I knew no one could hate America enough to run for Commander-in-Chief, win, and have quite the record you have left us with.

Boy, was I ever wrong.

I kept trying to find something good. I got huge bills in the mail and lost my doctor thanks to Obamacare. I watched as you set terrorists free, ignored ISIS, and refused to say the words ‘Radical Islamic Terrorism’. I had to hang in there, because, frankly, I had no choice. I was signed up for a relationship I never opted into.

But now, I can look forward to good-bye.

Your laziness and refusal to do anything for the betterment of America has put a real cramp on my style. Your tired rhetoric and lame excuses are stale and overused. Your ability to fundraise like mad and yet not balance the budget are enough to drive me up the wall. So now, I know that our good-bye is inevitable.

January 20, 2017 has never looked so sweet. I just can’t handle the lies and deceit of your administration anymore. It’s nice to look at a calendar and know the days until we part are within grasp. That, my friend, is real hope and change.

Sorry, not sorry. It’s all you, and not me. I wish I could say I wish nothing but happiness for you, but that would just be a lie.

Best Worst Possible Wishes,

Katie McGuire

Written by Katie McGuire. Follow Katie (Unless you are President Obama)on Twitter @GOPKatie


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