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More Executive Action on Immigration From Obama – The GOP Will Smile and Wave


00He does it so often it barely makes news anymore.  President Obama changed – unilaterally, of course – our immigration laws again.  This time it’s not to favor low-skilled aliens, it’s to put highly paid tech workers who have the unfortunate luck to be American citizens on the unemployment line.

God King Barack President Obama loosened the rules governing the L-1B visa.  This means that a multinational firm with offices in the US can transfer overseas workers to the US on a temporary basis for up to five years.

That means that companies like Google and Apple and all those Silicon Valley giants who went all-in for the President just got their technical labor cost cut by maybe 30% or so.

Currently when requesting work visas for foreign workers a company has to make the case to Immigration that the positions can’t be filled by American workers.  Thanks President Bought-and-Paid-For Obama, that will no longer be the case.

Under Obama’s new rules, Citizenship and Immigration Services adjudicators will not be able to consider whether or not there are American workers available to do the job when determining whether to grant an L-1B visa. “A petitioner is not required to demonstrate the lack of readily available workers to perform the relevant duties in the United States,” according to Obama’s proposal.

There’s even more, but this one sentence really highlights the problem that President Obama is about to cause for highly educated, highly skilled, tech workers.

Here’s the bottom line.  If you’re an engineer or technician working in Silicon Valley or one of it’s many clones around the country, and you’re making around six figures, you’d better have some significant cash reserves.

Ron Hira, a professor at Howard University who studies the immigration system had this to say about President Obama’s gift to his supporters in the tech industry.

“There are no wage standards — foreign workers can be paid home country wages, which is $6,000 a year for an IT worker in India. American workers can be displaced by L-1B workers. There are no recruitment requirements and no educational requirements (the L-1B worker doesn’t even need a degree).”

Here’s an example from Silicon Valley.

Just last year, a Fremont, California tech company, Electronics for Imaging, Inc., was found by the Department of Labor to have violated the Fair Labor Standards Act for having grossly underpaid a group of Indian nationals who the company had transferred on L-1 visas from its office in India to install a new computer system at the headquarters facility in Fremont. Specifically, the company flew eight L-1B workers from Bangalore, India to California and paid them only $1.21 per hour to work 120-hour weeks. The $1.21 hourly rate was equivalent to what the employees made in Indian rupees at their workplace in India. Importantly, though the company was found by the Department of Labor to have violated the Fair Labor Standards Act for paying the workers below [California’s] minimum wage, it did not apparently violate any of the terms or conditions of the visa program because there is no prevailing wage requirement.

Get the idea?  This is not a “mom-and-pop” shop.  Their revenues are approaching $1B.

So again, if you’re a high tech worker you need to take a hard look at the black community.  Remember, those are the folks that Obama relates to best.  Or so he says, over and over.  Their unemployment is twice the national average just so the President can appeal to Hispanic voters.

You can expect the unemployment rate for US high tech workers to start to spike as soon as our benevolent President institutes his new rules.  Good luck with the payments on that big, fancy house you thought you were going to be able to afford.

And when you’re living in a one bedroom apartment near the railroad tracks thinking about your student loan defaults, remember all those Democrats – and especially Barack Obama – that you voted for.  If we had a cruel streak we’d note right here that you’re about to get what you deserve.



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