Mommy, I need go tee-tee. Nope, sweetheart. There’s a boy in the girl’s bathroom.

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“I am greatly misunderstood by politically correct idiots.” — Brigitte Bardot

It never fails. My little family of four will be sitting at a restaurant, and as our delicious, hot food will be arriving, our little girl will look into my eyes and say, “Mommy, I need to go tee-tee”. As my fajitas sizzle or my chicken fried steak lays smothered in the perfection that is cream gravy, she will squeeze her bony knees together and say, “Mommy, I really can’t hold it”. Her timing makes me CRAZY!!

If you have children, you know exactly what I am talking about. You stand up and dust the crumbs of chips and bread off your pants and make your way to the bathrooms. You smile and quickly visit with all those you recognize and know while weaving a path through the busy establishment only to find that the line in the ladies restroom is three women deep. Of course, one of the stalls is “out of order”. Always.

Once your child’s turn for the potty arrives, he or she sees this as an opportunity to have one-on-one time with their mommy. Oh, and without failure, it is always number 2. Or what my children laughingly refer to as number 3 because it involves both number 1 and number 2. Once finished and redressed, you have to wash their little hands, waiting for the water to reach the perfect warm temperature and then face the obstacle and game of hand censored towel dispensers or the even-more-fun-in-their-world and environmentally friendly hand blow dryers. By the time you get back to the table, your scrumptious meal is cool and become the victim of taste-testing by the family members left behind.

Yep, public restroom breaks with little ones are a process and not for the faint of heart.

Recently, because we live in a small town, surrounded by friends and family, and because we frequent locally owned, “hole in the wall” eating establishments, my husband and I have taken the enormous parental leap of faith and started allowing our son and daughter to venture into certain public restrooms alone. Now, before any of you get your panties in a wad, let me be clear: this level of independence only occurs if the restaurant and it’s restrooms are clean, familiar, single occupancy and I must be sitting with a clear line of sight to the door.

Because, let’s just be honest, terrible things can happen to innocent children very, very quickly. Terrible, traumatic things that cannot be undone, erased or forgotten.

So, suffice it to say that I was seriously shocked and pretty darn outraged a couple of weeks ago when I heard through the ever-informative grapevine that my hometown was experiencing the cultural, social pains of transgender restroom usage.

Really?! Seriously?!

Now, let me be clear: Human beings with penises are boys and human beings with vaginas are girls. That is why public restrooms have urinals for gents and ladies restrooms consist exclusively of toilets. So when it comes to the transgender/bathroom debate, physical “equipment”, not what may or may not be felt in the brain, should dictate what public restroom one uses. Just because a young man feels as though they should have been created a girl, doesn’t change the reality of their physical design. And vice versa. Just because a boy, or a girl for that matter, thinks they should have been born the opposite gender, doesn’t mean that we, as a society, have to risk ourselves or our children’s safety to accommodate their sexual/gender-based delusions.

Heck, if that’s the case, I want a full ride to Harvard. Because you see, I think I should have been born smarter and want society and Ivy League educational institutions around me to accommodate my psychosis. Or I want to receive a $10,000 a month stipend from the government because I think I should have been born wealthy and I expect and demand that my government feed that self-serving thought process. See, those sorts of arguments are completely illogical and asinine.

Some days I feel as though my head is going to explode. Some days I feel as though our world is looking for ways to fall farther away from the blessings of our Creator. Some days I feel as though our fight for goodness and rightness is completely and totally in vain.

But we are called to live IN this world. We are called to be a light in darkness. We are called to love and minister to those who are lost and living in sin. We are called to be different. And because of those callings, we know we will be hated. Scripture assures us of that reality. We know we will be persecuted. We know we will face trials and tribulations and not obtain victory in this life.

And while it is easy for me to heartily spew those commands and seemingly shoulder those spiritual burdens, I am, admittedly, overwhelmed. I know what my calling as a believer in Jesus Christ requires. And while it sounds really good to “be in this world but not of it”, the truth of the matter is, it doesn’t make any of this mess easier.

Yeah, I can totally find satisfaction in the fact that those who reject God and His sovereignty in the realm of life, death and marriage will be held accountable for their perversion of His gifts and their rejection of His authority.

But, in the quiet moments, as I tuck my precious, innocent babies into their cozy beds each night and shut their bedroom doors behind me, sheer panic washes over me. Cold, undiluted dread. Their father and I have brought them into such a broken world. I have literally birthed them into a fallen-ness that I cannot combat. They are going to see, hear and experience transgressions that I could not fathom five, ten, fifteen years ago.

Therefore, our children are going to need to be braver, stronger, more rooted in their faith than we ever thought to be at a young age. They are going to face sin and deception sooner and with a greater depth of severity. This world is going to use everything in it’s secular arsenal to tear our children down, rip them apart and recreate human beings it deems as more “tolerant and open-minded”.

The LORD and His Truth are the enemies of this world. And if we, as believers, are leading our children to Jesus and teaching them the liberating Truth of His Word, we are placing a target on their backs. We must accept that the world will hate them, too.

We, as believers, are at war with our world. And currently, we are losing the human sexual battle big time. From same sex marriages being legalized all across the country, to polygamy on TLC, to transgender bathroom usage in Texas, to the repeal of DADT, to bakers being sued, fined and put out of business for not baking wedding cakes for homosexual weddings, we are absolutely losing this fight. The tides are turning and we, along with our traditional ideals and closely held beliefs, are being swept away in the treacherous waters.

And we all need to get ready. This is only the beginning.

So, please allow me for a moment to be terribly honest and politically incorrect:  This is not about some back-woods small town, transgenders, transsexuals, homosexuals, public restrooms, my daughter, my son, your daughter, your son, your granddaughter, your grandson, equality or hate. This is about what is right and what is wrong.

Men, whether young or old, whether dressed as women or not, should NOT be allowed to go into public restrooms with young girls. Ever. It isn’t safe. It isn’t acceptable. It is a nightmare waiting to happen. This isn’t about me or any other person opposing this reality because we “hate gays, lesbians and transgenders”. Although, I know that is what those of you who refuse to hear reason and delight in misunderstanding me will conclude. This is about me loving and protecting my daughter and my son from the sexual identity whims of strangers. This is about me protecting confused individuals, whether I agree with their lifestyle or not, from facing false allegations of wrong doing. This is about us, as a society, deciding that even if something is trendy and popular, we are, on a basis of Truth and principle, going to stand and fight against it.

I don’t know about y’all, but my choice, if necessary, is to willingly stand firm against the worldly tidal wave of transgression and darkness because I am certain I will enjoy eternity in Heaven with an Almighty Savior. Because, as I see it, the alternative to standing for Truth, is to attempt to traverse these deadly, sinful waters in the comfort of a secular “life boat” only to stand in harsh judgment and spend eternity separated from the quenching waters of the Fountain of Life.  

So, until that glorious day arrives, I will simply weather the storm.


Oh yeah, and I will plan to minimize my personal and familial use of public restrooms as well.


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