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Mississippi Cops Are Required to Learn … SPANISH???


That’s right, Spanish.Well, sort of. Jackson, Mississippi police are required to take a two-hour Spanish class every three months. It’s not designed to make cops fluent in Spanish, rather to give them the ability to respond in what could be life-threatening situations.

Honestly, we don’t have a problem with what Jackson, Mississippi is doing.

“The purpose of this program is for our officers to learn basic commands,” police Chief Lee Vance told Fox News Latino. “We’re not looking to make anybody fluent.”


“The program is designed for people who have no knowledge of the Spanish language,” Dr. Brian Phillips said, who is one of the class’s volunteer instructors. He believes it’s critical for all first responders to learn Spanish.

“Anytime you have a life-threatening situation, you could be causing problems for that person who does not understand the system when there is a language barrier,” Phillips added.

As we said, we don’t have a problem with this. We think it’s smart policing.

What we DO have a problem with however, IS THIS…

“There’s been a major problem throughout the state,” said Mississippi Immigrant Rights Alliance Executive Director Bill Chandler. “Latino immigrants have been reluctant to call law enforcement.”

Bill Chandler is half right. There is a problem in Mississippi – and in every other state – with Hispanics who don’t speak English. Not only do they not speak English, they refuse to learn English. Mister Chandler should be spending his time getting the “Latino immigrants” to learn English.

As far as “immigrants” being reluctant to call law enforcement the problem is in the language.. The problem is that they are here illegally. Frankly if a “Latino immigrant” can’t speak English he or she should be detained by police and required to prove legal residency in the US.

Of course this would cause legal action from the Obama administration, and screeching from the “immigrant rights” lobby.

United States should adopt the same policies toward immigrants that Mexico does. If you’re in Mexico illegally you go to prison and your deported. And in Mexico you’re likely to be beaten, robbed, and raped just for the heck of it.

Oh, and don’t count on Mexican cops understanding enough English to do anything but bribe you.


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