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Miley Cyrus Has Done Republicans a Favor: WHAT?


Pretty much all we know about Miley Cyrus is that she’s some kind of tweekie “entertainer” with an oversized opinion of her worth.  We don’t follow her, and we try hard to ignore her.  Some days that’s hard.

Like today.

Last week, Governor Mike Pence of Indiana signed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, we’ve written about it.  The Act protects people of faith from doing things that violate their religious beliefs.  Like forcing a Muslim to handle pork products.  Or a Christian florist from delivering flowers to a homosexual “wedding.”  It is not a bill designed to promote discrimination.

Miss Cyrus, who is a supporter of all things “Progressive” and especially all things that either promote the Gay Mafia or put down religion, had a fit on Instagram.

There are a couple of interesting things about this Instagram post.

The first is this comment:  “the only place that has more idiots that [sic]Instagram is in politics[.]”

Really Miss Cyrus?  We find it interesting that you would go out of your way to post in a place that you freely acknowledge has the corner on idiots.  We’d also note, given that as a fact, you’re posting in the right place.

As far as political posting, you’re a lefty.  We seriously doubt that you’ve gotten beyond the ilk at Daily Kos, etal, so your comment about “idiots” posting on political sites – in context – is also correct.

Second interesting thing is that there were quite a few commentors who disagreed with her.  Several pointed out that the Act was not aimed at homosexuals, rather it protected people who practiced all religions.  Here are a couple of samples.

One Instagram user explained “this law allows people to practice their own religion,” adding that it is in no way discriminatory against gays or any other group.

“I am so sick of the leftists who say ‘unless you agree with us, you are our enemy,’” he continued.

Another response blasted Cyrus and her supporters for being “close-minded people,” noting that the outrage surrounding the law is misplaced.

“This law wasn’t even put in place with gay people in mind,” she wrote. “It’s about EVERYONE. I have nothing against gay people, but I do believe that it is a business owners [sic]right to refuse service for such reasons.”

It’s always good to remember, when commenting in “Progressive” forums to be polite and stick to facts.  Is Miley a bitch?  We don’t know her but we’d guess in the affirmative just because of who she hangs out with (Progressives).  On the other hand, there’s no point in stressing that as fact when commenting on her stupidity.

One day Miss Cyrus you’ll understand.  Unfortunately for you, that day will likely be too late.



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