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Michael Brown’s Mama Sends Out Disrespectful, Hateful Tweet


Everyone in America by now knows who Michael Brown is, and all about Ferguson, Missouri. We know about Officer Darren Wilson and his acquittal of wrongdoing, and we know about “Hands up, don’t shoot!”

Mike Brown’s mother, Leslie Mcspadden, has a new, disgusting take to help maximize her overplayed 15 minutes of fame. Just wait until you see her disgusting tweet regarding the recent shooting of 2 officers. Absolutely deplorable. The Conservative Tribune reports:

She issued the tweet, which was uncovered by Ferguson Scanner Updates, sometime early Thursday morning, only hours after two Ferguson officers were nearly killed by race rioters.

Leslie-Mcspadden-Ferguson-TweetAccording to The Black Sphere, Mike Brown’s mom made a similar comment on her Facebook page in which she said, “F them two cops.” Leslie’s Twitter and Facebook accounts have both since been deactivated.

Meanwhile, Mike Brown’s family has been busy publicly condemning the shooting of two Ferguson officers, saying that they “reject any kind of violence directed towards members of law enforcement.” (H/T NBC News)

Whether or not anybody in the liberal mainstream media will notice the huge discrepancy between how his family is acting in public and how it is acting in private remains to be seen.

One thing is for certain. Mike Brown’s mother CANNOT and WILL NOT fool the conservative media, which thankfully is bright enough to see her for what she really is!

That’s right, lady. We all see through your pathetic cries for attention, and we see your disregard for human life. No wonder your son turned out to be the model citizen he was. *cough cough* Your entire family, and their ridiculous shenanigans, have been documented on social media and through other media outlets. The conservative media will continue reporting on your foolishness, because we have all frankly had enough.

All lives matter, not just your son’s, who, by the way, assaulted a police officer who responded correctly with his training. No one’s fault but his. Try owning your issues and being responsible, instead of looking for scapegoats. Stop the hateful tweeting/Facebook statusing/whatever the hell else you are doing. All you are doing is stirring a pot of hatred. If your son is truly the ‘good man’ you claim him to be, he wouldn’t want you engaging in such behavior. Try growing up a little, then come play with the grown-ups.

Written by Katie McGuire. Follow Katie on Twitter @GOPKatie




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