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[VIDEO] 84-Year-Old Man Assaulted by Robber – Guess What Happens Next?


Could there have been a resurrection? That would, of course, be a resurrection of Michael Brown. And did he come back in Tulsa, OK? Well, if he did, the result was almost the same.

Doug Jandebeur is eighty-four years old and lives in Tulsa. He’s an active guy, owns his own business and takes care of business. He’s also probably not a guy you want to mess. Even if you’re young enough to be his great-grandson, and big enough to be Michael Brown.

While I haven’t caught the Michael Brown wannabe yet, it looks like they’ve got a pretty good picture of his face, and we suspect he’s not unknown to local police.
Even if they don’t catch this guy were pretty sure that he’s not going to be mugging anymore senior citizens. A lot of us can still take care of business. This story bears out the truth of the old adage, “God made man, but Samuel Colt made men equal.


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