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Man Forced to Pay Child Support for a Child DNA Says Isn’t His


There’s a man in Texas who until recently was considered a “deadbeat dad.” He owes $21,000 in back child support plus accrued interest, and in many states he would be in jail. His paycheck has been garnished, and his 401(k) account is frozen. Right now, given those facts you’re probably saying “good.” Except, as you might have guessed, there’s a wrinkle in the story.

This story could fall under a number of subjects. While “Child Support” is the most obvious, but also pretty obvious would be “Huh?” or “WTF!” Then there’s always the old standby, “The Law is an Ass.”

Mr. Carson says that over the years when he’s been under court order to pay child support, “there were days I didn’t eat. I went without electricity.” He’s never seen or spoken to the child and doesn’t even know what the child looks like. And again, it’s not because he’s a “bad father,” it’s because he’s not the father at all, and he’s got the DNA proof.


He’s now off the hook for future payments, but here’s why “The Law is an Ass.” According to Texas law, he’s on the hook for the $21,000 plus accrued interest that he was behind when DNA proved he’s not the father. Carson has a court appearance on Monday that he hopes will release him from the $21,000 plus interest.

To her credit the child’s mother has written a letter to the court saying that Carson should not be required to make his back payments. He will find out on Monday whether that carries any weight.
The feeling in the pit of our stomach is, unfortunately, not acid reflux, it’s that the judge will rule that “the law is the law” and Carson will be stuck with the bill. Hopefully the child’s mom will return the money. Monday will tell the tale.


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