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Lynching in Mississippi! Department of Justice Investigating


OK, that’s a futuristic headline.  The facts are this:  a black man was found hanging by a bed sheet (we assume it was white) from a tree in Southern Mississippi.  The dead man was recently released from prison where he’d been since about 1980 because he was convicted for killing a white woman.

This obviously has all the trappings of a lynching, and Eric Holder sent in the troops to do what they could to make this a racial incident.  After picking the wrong side by trying to defend thugs and criminals for glory – Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, and Michael Brown – this one has all the trappings of win for the White House.  Real racism!  It’s the 20s again.  And that white sheet!  Yay!!

What they didn’t have was the answer to the question on almost everyone’s mind: Was it a lynching?

At a time when violence against African Americans — some of it at the hands of the police — has become one of the nation’s most incendiary points of civic friction, a report of a black man dangling from a tree deep in the woods of rural Mississippi was bound to attract attention.

As television crews trickled into town, local residents appeared on the sidewalks of this small rural town, home to fewer than 1,500 people, carrying signs now familiar in cities across the U.S.: “Black Lives Matter.”

You can bet your last dollar the Race Industry wanted it to be a lynching.  Al Sharpton has back taxes to pay.  Eric Holder is likely to be Attorney General for a while and he’s running out of thing to do.  And Barack Obama is trying desperately to cut a really bad deal with the Iranians to get even with Bibi.  They all need a distraction.

As far as “black lives matter,” they only matter if they were killed by a white cop.  The black community has demonstrated that fact several thousand times a year when a black youth gets murdered by another black youth and all you hear is crickets.

We want to credit the black Sheriff of this little Mississippi county.  He asked for the feds so he didn’t catch the blame if things don’t turn out just right for the Race Industry.  He certainly seems to have an open mind, and appears to just want to get an honest determination on this case for his neighbors.

It’s not looking good for Race Industry.

Officials said Friday they had not yet determined how Boyd had died, though a federal law enforcement official said investigators were leaning toward suicide as an explanation.

We’re expecting the Department of Justice “Civil Rights Division” to do everything they can to fire up the black community and take the heat off of Obama’s Iranian follies.



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