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Liberalism & Religion: A Vexing Dichotomy


It’s a generally accepted rule of thumb that there are inherent risks associated with writing/blogging while angry… and that doing so should be avoided… but I intend to ignore that this morning

One wayIt really chaps my gluteus maximus whenever I see the term “nuttery of the Christian right”, or any number of the other happily accepted terms of denigration that emanate like a stale odor from the so-called “liberal” or “progressive left”.

You know…for all the promises that have been made and been broken over the years since this notion of “liberalism” began to get its hands around the throat of American culture, all I can see from my spot up here in the cheap seats is a wasteland of moral and human corruption and decay.

Don’t get me wrong-I am perfectly okay with them exercising their rights to do all the foolish and self-destructive things they do, but I’ve had my fill of the bloody lot of them mocking those of us who do not share their warped sense of self glorification and general outlook on life and the human experience or their enthusiasm for trying to destroy it in others who do not see the world as they do.

It is my humble opinion that, under their tutelage, ours is fast-becoming a country that is nearly as repressive and repressed as those others around the world liberals insist on trying to convert to our way of doing things. One need not look very far to see how well that’s working out.

It was the indirectly related article over at Salon Magazine linked above (I know… I know…) that got me thinking about the “have it both ways” problem on the left; it’s an inherent flaw in the ideology to presume you can succeed by tearing down others who succeed in order to create a victim class you can provide for and ultimately control. This approach to governance-without fail-leads to rebellion and revolt but this flaw hasn’t discouraged them from trying over, and over, and over again to perfect it.

It seems that no one ever told them the joke about the definition of “insanity”.

With all that in mind, and given the state of affairs in the Middle East these days – and the rise of apocalyptic pursuits of some severely unhinged people – I shouldn’t have been surprised by the Salon article and its author’s Snoopy dance over news that our own culture is increasingly becoming God-averse. I shouldn’t have, but – sadly – I was.

And yet here we are… in the matter of this ISIS madness… hearing the liberal rallying cry to search for all the ways in which ISIS came to be because of the evils of Western society (which, remember, liberals are currently in charge of), asking us to try to “relate” to them… to somehow try to understand and embrace their alleged “plight”. I’m honestly more than a little surprised that liberals are this stupid, but I guess I shouldn’t be. One has to admit, though, that we are staring down the barrel of one helluva paradigm shift.

I can’t help but ask though:why is it that liberals have no tolerance for a God-based belief system in America while falling all over themselves to embrace one thousands of miles away?

Perhaps it is a rhetorical question.

You only need to slog through the first paragraph of the Salon piece to get what I’m trying to say here:

With fire-breathing religion figuring anew in global conflicts, and political discussions at home often dominated by the nuttery of the Christian right, you might get the sense that somebody’s god is ready to mug you around every street corner. But if you’re the type who doesn’t like to hang your hat on organized religion, here’s a bit of good news: In America, your numbers are growing.

As Commidus said, in the movie “Gladiator”: It vexes me. I’m terribly vexed.

I get it – I really get it- conservatives are bad, liberals are good, Salon (and other mags like theirs) say so therefore it must be true. And while the Salon piece has nothing to do with ISIS (per se), it begs the question my liberal friends can’t answer which is simply:

How is it possible that a group of people, hiding behind the words of their greatest spiritual leader – brutally murdering innocent people while justifying their actions by invoking his name – get any mercy whatsoever while so many Christian Americans continue to be witch-hunted into underground bunkers and relative obscurity for trying to follow the teachings of, and live by, the examples of love and personal sacrifice of Christianity’s spiritual leader?

For my money, I’m betting it’s because they are afraid we may be right about heaven and hell and they won’t have a plausible excuse for their lives and how they lived them, having nothing but disdain for our spiritual leader as they spent their days stomping their feet all over his teachings, mocking and rebuking him.

I’m guessing it will be getting a little warm when they’re having that little chin whack with St. Peter at the pearly gates.

[Postscript: For those of you out there with a lot of free time and a strong enough stomach I offer you an incredibly long article over at The Atlantic that means to educate you on what ISIS wants and what we need to do to stop them. I tried… I really tried, but I only got about halfway through. A man’s gotta know (and admit to) his limitations. ~ G.M.C.]

[Images courtesy of Planning for Reality, and American Power Blog]


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