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LAPD Shooting is “Michael Brown” All Over Again


New information is out on the LAPD shooting of a homeless man earlier this week.

You’ll recall in our first report that the civilian bystander who reported the video of the shooting kept repeating over and over that Los Angeles police had murdered a black man who was resisting arrest. The rest of the crowd watching the incident joined in with the murder charge.

Given new information, don’t expect Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson to show up in Los Angeles to whip up a riot and raise money. And don’t expect Barack Obama to stand in the Rose Garden and say, “If I had a son…”

See for yourself.

So, as we noted in our headline, this shooting by the LAPD is the year ended of the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri.

Brown, an eighteen year old thug with a criminal record for assault and robbery, was stopped by a Ferguson police officer investigating an assault and robbery of a local convenience store. When Brown was confronted he attempted to take the office and gun from and punched the officer. The officer, during an altercation, shot Brown in self-defense.

Based on the analysis of the video the Ferguson situation replayed itself early this week on the streets of Los Angeles.

But there’s even more to the story. It looks like the homeless man, known locally as “Africa,” was likely an illegal alien. Here’s the report from the Obama Administration News Network, otherwise known as NPR.

[NPR] Member station KPCC says it “has found evidence the man, who used the last name Robinet, had been in the custody of U.S. Immigration officials after serving time in prison for armed robbery.”

The man was calling himself Charley Saturmin Robinet when he was released from ICE custody and sent to a halfway house. He was believed to be French — but as KPCC notes, the French consulate concluded that the man was not actually a citizen of France. On Skid Row, many people knew him by the name “Africa.”

Authorities announced Tuesday that the man had been wanted for breaking the terms of his probation for the robbery of a Wells Fargo bank in California, back in 2000.

So what we have in Los Angeles is a homeless man with a long history of violence, who was wanted on probation violations from a violent crime, who was using an assumed name, and who had been in the custody of ICE. He was, of course, release from custody by ICE.

After all ICE is under orders from the highest levels of the Obama administration to release everybody.

In this case if Al and Jesse and the local race mongers want to pin the blame somewhere they can start with the Obama administration’s immigration policy.


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