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Be Kind to Liberals: Feed them Vegan Burgers


My girlfriend is a liberal by the way. I am slowly, kindly, working on a conversion, but even if she don’t convert I won’t mind, I like having her around you see. Besides vegan burgers aren’t all that bad.

A lot of spiritual and Christian teachings these days like to focus on the abundance of God, and after being a hobo all those years I would not mind a little more abundance myself. However, I like to take the old school approach, or the Christ himself approach, if you will, to spirituality.

“Seek you first the Kingdom of God and all these things shall be added onto you.”  I like the phrase, to seek the kingdom of God, and I contemplate it now and again.

What is the right approach, the right seek if you will? Well I have no idea what the proper approach is for anyone else, but here is how I go about things.

I don’t get all that mad at my girlfriend any more; that is pretty much my approach. Taking the things that bother me and work on not letting them bother me anymore.

Nothing used to get my goat (Goat is an old nick-name of mine, by the way, that I would just as soon forget) anyway, nothing used to piss me of more than some smug, know it all liberal, who thinks he is better than me, not getting his facts straight about stuff.goat

I used to feel the fury rising up and out of my belly, then I would furiously type my response to his non-sense on my Facebook page. Then I would go outside and try and calm myself down with a cigarette and a beer. All the time wondering when the hell the rest of the world was going to wake up and start thinking just like me.

Now I am having fun here but don’t get me wrong; I do have a pretty serious prayer and meditation routine that I find very beneficial.  The idea is this: make being kind to others, a part of how you seek.

This may sound incredibly crazy but I have found that liberals actually listen to me more when I make it clear that I care about them and will love them no matter what crazy, unfounded ideas come out of their mouths.

I mean if you sit around waiting for a liberal to get his facts straight before you become friendly with them, well hell, you might as well get on your bike and go home.

Roast-Beef- I am seeking God through being kind and tender with people, that way when that promised abundance shows up I will have plenty of friends to enjoy it with. I will even have some vegan  burgers around in case some of my liberal friends want to come over, when I barbeque. See how kind I am getting.

It is better than being right all the time. When  you are like that you find yourself all alone in this world with your rightness. No one can stand to be around you for more than ten minutes.

If you are like that, even if you got half an angus sitting around waiting to  cook, ain’t going to be nobody showing up to eat it with you.


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Hobo John here, I am a fifty year old man currently living in a small town in Idaho, this is also where I grew up. Like any Idaho boy I love the outdoors, and am a sports enthusiast. But I also love the arts and paint a little myself. In Proverbs it says, "A man's pursuit is his kindness, " and that is my only true mission in life. I like to write about just about anything; songs , children's stories, politics, short stories, however, I have not attempted a novel yet. I also consider myself a bit of a philosopher, after seven years of living the homeless life I actually started to enjoy it. I started writing little phrases that I hope contain some wisdom. I call them Hobo Metaphysics. "Gentle beats the shit out of aggressive," being one of my favorites. Peace to you folks, "I love you with everything that I have." That is my motto and the truth of things.

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