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Kappa Delta Rho Fraternity of Penn State Defends Nude Photos Posted Online


At what point, exactly, did it become ok for young men to act like animals?

I remember stories my grandmother and mother told me of their sorority days, when young men were gentlemen and houses with single women were protected by a very stern older woman with a very strict curfew.

They told me of being walked home, doors held for them, and just gentlemanly behavior. These young men, however, don’t deserve the title of gentleman. They went beyond the pale, posting photos of women unconscious, and some without clothing, on social media. The Daily Mail reports:

A member of the Penn State University fraternity has defended the disturbing Facebook posts of unconscious female students that led to the fraternity’s suspension for a year.

In an interview, the anonymous member of Kappa Delta Rho described the group as ‘satirical’ and accused the media of trying to ruin his fellow frat brothers’ lives and reputations.

This came the same day that screenshots emerged of some of the Facebook comments under posts made to a private group run by members of KDR, that included nude images of women, some of whom had passed out drunk.

The screenshots show members of the group had commented referring to the women as ‘sloots’, saying ‘I banged her lol’, and then: ‘Lol delete those or we will be on cnn in a week’.

Another screenshot of comments on one of the pictures shows a member said: ‘373,217 views. All from us.’

‘Make that 373,218,’ came the response.

There were 144 members of the invite-only Facebook page.

The anonymous group member provided a statement to Philadelphia magazine and gave an extensive interview.

He attempted to justify the existence of the group as ‘satire’, that ‘everyone’ does it, and laid a lot of blame on the media, while calling for a return to ‘higher standards of morality’ and referring to the incident as ‘minor’.

In his statement he accused the media of attempting to ‘ruin people’s lives and unjustly ruin reputations’ and was challenged in the interview that posting pictures of nude, unconscious women or intimate messages could ruin their lives or their reputations.

At no point was the KDR brother apologetic. Nor did he seem to understand why police and the university administration were investigating the matter.

Well gee. Seems like you might have a little clue WHY the police were investigating you. You can’t just decide that your lewd behavior deserves to be posted on social media, all while violating the privacy rights of innocent young women. Even is ‘everyone’ is doing it, try to rise above a show a bit of class, would you? This disgusting behavior should never be sanctioned or allowed, and at the very least, you should be ashamed of yourself for treating women this way. Would you feel so cavalier if this was your sister? Your mother? I thought not.

A sincere apology is in order her, to each and every woman, from each and every group member. I suggest you start working on one now.

Written by Katie McGuire. Follow Katie on Twitter @GOPKatie


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