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John McCain is Desperate: Will Vote Against Loretta Lynch


We love the smell of desperation in the morning. It’s even better than napalm. Especially when the desperation is oozing from every pore of Arizona Senator John McCain. Our – gag – Senator.

McCain is in panic mode. He’s going to get a real primary challenge next year if he decides to run for reelection. This time it’ll be a fight to the death.

Six years ago McCain was vulnerable. There were several candidates who could’ve given him a good run for his money. And last timeout he had tons of money, $27 million left over from his presidential campaign. Former Congressman, and well known buffoon, J D Hayworth, announced early and made it obvious that a better candidate would simply split the “non–McCain” vote. Hayworth, it’s rumored, was only in the race to pay off campaign debt left over from his last congressional campaign. McCain really didn’t need to spend twenty-five dollars to beat Hayworth, but he spent $24 million just because he could.

He’ll still have lots of money if he chooses to run next year but he won’t have the overwhelming advantage that he had six years ago. McCain has already been censured by the Arizona Republican Party. He took that seriously enough that his minions worked to stack the party with new precinct committeemen who would support McCain. While he was immediately successful, that strategy will backfire on him.

There are challenges looking at the race and we expect a consensus challenger to announce, so it will be a head-to-head competition with McCain next year. McCain will face a well-funded opponent, he will face millions of dollars of negative ads from 501(c) 4 groups, he will almost certainly face a state Republican Party that endorses his opponent, and we fully expect him to lose.

Here’s what McCain will face every time he turns on a television set.

Six years ago he told Arizona voters we would have a fence on the border with Mexico. What we have instead, is an open door. John McCain has spent most of the last five years trying to push his Gang of 8 amnesty for illegal aliens legislation through the US Congress.  Don’t expect Sheriff Paul Babeau to be making pro-McCain commercials next year.

His current position, voting against Loretta Lynch as Eric Holder’s replacement, is nothing more than “complete the dang fence” and it won’t sell with Arizona’s conservative primary voters.

John McCain has once again shown that he is incapable of leadership in the United States Senate. Not only has he spent five years acting against what is best for Arizona voters, it looks like his to “mini-me” compadres in the Senate, Lindsey Graham and Jeff Flake, will vote in favor of Lynch. In other words, his vote against Lynch is nothing but show.

John McCain has a long history of doing what’s right for his constituents. John McCain’s “permanent” residence is a condominium in the Washington DC area. He shows up in Arizona a couple of times a year and stays away from Arizona voters. His constituents are, in fact, the people who live and work in Washington DC.

It’s time to retire John. If you don’t retire, we will retire you. And please, please, please don’t move back to Arizona.



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