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John Kerry Says “Iran Deal At Hand” – Iran Says “Death To America” While Continuing to Develop Nukes


If you ever had any doubt about what John Kerry or Barack Obama want for America, today should remove all doubt.

At the same time Kerry, from the comfort of first-class hotel in Geneva, said “we want the right deal that would make the world, including the United States and our closest allies and partners, safer and more secure,” Iranian leader Khamenei told the crowd in Tehran that the Iranians would never give into the West.

When the crowd started chanting, “Death to America,” Khamenei responded, “Of course yes, death to America.”

Let’s be clear, the Iranians are not “negotiating” their “talking.” And that’s really all Barack Obama and John Kerry want them to do. Obama and Kerry are on the same path as the Iranians, they want them to have the ability to build a nuclear weapon. That’s the only reasonable conclusion from watching six years of talking in Geneva.

Six years ago the United States and the West recognized that the Iranians were on a clear path to build a nuclear weapon and were in agreement that the Iranians should be stopped. It’s fair to question whether or not the West had the will then to do what was necessary to stop them, but at least they agreed that the Iranians never have access to a nuclear weapon.

That agreement, thanks to Barack Obama’s foreign policy, and the hard work of both Hillary Clinton and John Kerry is Secretaries of State has been flipped on its head. The Iranians are now on a clear path to a nuclear weapon and this supposedly “deal” that Sec. Kerry is talking about will barely slow them down.

This agreement would leave the Iranians was 6,000 centrifuges, and if history is a guide they won’t shut down any of their centrifuges. The Iranians have never lived up to any part of any deal since 1982. The 1982 deal they made with Ronald Reagan, and released US hostages on his inauguration day. What Reagan likely gave the Iranians in return for the hostage release was the opportunity to still be alive the next day.

Watching the Obama administration’s “negotiations” with a terrorist state should remove any question about whether or not “Obama loves America.” It should also be an eye-opener to America’s Jews, who voted overwhelmingly for the man that is currently consigning Israel to a fiery death. There’s never been any question about John Kerry’s fealty toward America, that was settled in 1973 in Paris when, as a reserve officer in the United States Navy, he worked with the North Vietnamese in negotiations against the United States.

To paraphrase Winston Churchill, “Never in the course of human events have so many been sold down the river by so few, for so little.”

Let’s see what the Democrats in the United States Senate are willing to do. Will they stand up to their president selling America down the river, or will they fall in line like the good little comrades they’ve shown themselves to be for the past six years?



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