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[VIDEO] James Carville Outs Hillary: The Email Server Was to Avoid Oversight.. duh.


In his own homespun way long-time Clinton confidant, fixer, and cover-up artist James Carville admitted, on national TV that Hillary put the email server in her New York home to evade oversight and scrutiny.

“I suspect she didn’t want Louie Gohmert rifling through her emails.”

The reality of that statement is Hillary doesn’t give a rip about Louie Gohmert.  What she doesn’t want in a Congressional Committee run by Trey Gowdy having access to her email.  She has a real fear of the Associated Press – who is currently filing suit to get access to her email.  And then there’s the good folks at Judicial Watch who have perfected the art of the Freedom of Information Act request.

Hillary has lots to hide.  As it turns out, she’s not very good at hiding it.

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Michael Becker is a long time activist and a businessman. He's been involved in the pro-life movement since 1976 and has been counseling addicts and ministering to prison inmates since 1980. Becker is a Curmudgeon. He has decades of experience as an operations executive in turnaround situations and in mortgage banking. He blogs regularly at The Right Curmudgeon, The Minority Report, Wizbang, Unified Patriots and Joe for America. He lives in Phoenix and is almost always armed.


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