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It’s White History Month! What Could Be More RACIST Than That?


A deli owner Flemington, New Jersey has the Racial Industry all twisted up in their panties. The proprietor of Jimbo’s deli put up this sign in his window.

A by-racial neighbor had a fit. He thinks the owner of Jimbo’s Is Mocking black History Month. And was offended by the way the T was crossed. He insisted it looks like a cross and reminded him of the Ku Klux Klan. He called the cops.

A Flemington police detective showed up explained to the deli owner that his neighbor thought the sign was racist. The deli owner responded, “No matter who you are – Muslim, Jewish, black, white, gay, straight – you should be proud of what you are. I shouldn’t have to feel bad about being white.”

If you are familiar with what’s going on in universities these days, you’ll recognize that this deli owner didn’t “check his privilege.”

The Racial Industry in Farmington can’t get over the idea that the deli owner has a right to express himself. And we think it’s interesting that it’s okay to have Black History Month, and to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, which isn’t even a holiday in Mexico, but the mere mention of “White History Month” is cause for police involvement.

The bi-racial neighbor went so far as to get into a shouting match with Farmington’s police chief and a local café. He apparently got out of hand and the chief threatened to arrest him. Needless to say the neighbor filed an official complaint.

We have no idea where this will all end, but it certainly does expose the Racial Industry for the fools they so obviously are. We are expecting the Reverend’s Sharpton and Jackson to be marching, demonstrating, and buying Molotov cocktails at any moment.

Oh, and certainly Barack Obama’s Department Of Racial Justice will be on scene with a hundred or so civil rights attorneys and FBI agents. After all, New Jersey does have a Republican governor and this is certainly his fault.


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