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IT’S BIBI BIG!! and obama small


Make my day! Today is a good day for the Curmudgeon, but more importantly it’s a great day for the world. Bibi Netanyahu, won reelection as Israel’s Prime Minister this week, defeating those who would surrender the state of Israel to their terrorist neighbors. Included in that group is Pres. Barack Obama who sent his “A Team” to Israel with millions of dollars to ensure Netanyahu’s defeat.

Last week all of the news media, after the Prime Minister’s speech to the joint session of Congress, were predicting that Netanyahu would lose in a squeaker. As the election drew near they up the ante and predicted a big defeat. On election day the cry was razor thin either way. The Leftist media both in Israel and in the US showed their colors, all they were doing was working with the Obama team to swing the election away from Netanyahu.

It turns out that the media and the President of the United States have zero credibility with Israeli voters who understand the situation in the Middle East better than the media, better than Democrats in Congress, and certainly better than Pres. Obama and the idiots he’s got any State Department.

Not only did Netanyahu win, he won big.

The best summary of the election greeted us this morning when we read “The Morning Jolt” in these two Tweets.

Other than Congratulations Mr. Prime Minister, Congratulations Israel!!  we don’t have much to add.



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