ISIS Hit List Names, Addresses of US Troops & Threatens Spouses

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ISIS has now taken the opportunity to ‘OUT’ 100 members of the US military and have encouraged their American based sympathizers to attack these 100 Americans, whose names, addresses, and photos it posted on the ‘net.

This action was taken by a new offshoot of ISIS, a group claiming to be the Islamic State Hacking Division.


NOTE: has made the decision to show the leaked page below but our Editorial staff has redacted the street addresses, state and zip code from the images as to not endanger these Americans’ lives any more than the original release has done so. Stands by our continued policy NOT to link to sites that threaten the US government or its troops.

“With the huge amount of data we have from various different servers and databases, we have decided to leak 100 addresses so that our brothers in America can deal with you,” the Islamic State’s so-called Hacking Division said in the web posting.

The information wasn’t hacked from Defense Department computers and one DOD spokesperson told the New York Times that the information posted was obtained from open sources, such as social media, and sites offering such information.


The ISIS posting called for violence against those listed:

“These Kuffar that drop bombs over Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Khurasan and Somalia are from the same lands that you reside in, so when will you take action?” the group asks. “Know that it is wajib for you to kill these kuffar! and now we have made it easy for you by giving you addresses, all you need to do is take the final step, so what are you waiting for? Kill them in their own lands, behead them in their own homes, stab them to death as they walk their streets thinking they are safe…”

The Pentagon says that it is investigating the threat.

“I can’t confirm the validity of the information, but we are looking into it,” a Department of Defense spokeswoman said. “The safety of our service members is always a concern.”

Folks, how long must we wait before our American military leaders will publicly call on our Commander In Chief to protect them? They deserve better than this.

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