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Is This Treason? From the Democrat Party Who Invented it:


Forty seven Republican Senators wrote a letter to Iran.  Is this treason?

The President…shall have Power, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, to make Treaties, provided two thirds of the Senators present concur…

These Senators took a step which they hope will keep Obama from allowing Iran to develop nuclear weapons by simply waiting ten years.  The Senators warned Iran that the next President could take out his pen to modify or totally revoke any agreement that this President Obama might make on his own, without gaining the vote of Congress.

Both Faces of McCainOur Constitution requires Congressional consent for any foreign Treaty.  Obama may just call it an agreement in order to skirt that law.

A petition signed by 235,000 Americans declares that the Logan Act from 1799 is being broken.  That law forbids unauthorized citizens from negotiating with foreign governments.  They call for charges of treason to be made.  Democrats are going nuts in their condemnations of these Senators.  They and the media are throwing out the terms treason and sedition in their efforts to sway opinion.

Harry Reid claims that this action undermines Obama while empowering Iran, echoing Hillary during her less than truthful Press Conference.

angry-obamaThey say that it is a violation of American “norms”, as if they have shown any respect for our “norms” in any of their behavior whatsoever.  “Fundamental Transformation” flies in the face of American “norms”.

In 2008, it was Barack Obama himself, while he was still a Senator, who sent a personal emissary to Tehran to encourage their mullahs not to sign a Bush Administration negotiation.  He promised that an Obama Administration would be much kinder to the mullah.  Is this treason?

This is reminiscent of when he told outgoing Russian President Medvedev that he would have more “flexibility” on contentious issues after his reelection.  Obama asked him to relay that message to Vladimir Putin.  We all know how that has turned out.  Is this treason?

A brief history of actions taken before this one is instructive:

  • In 1975 two Democrat Senators went to Cuba to meet with government officials, saying they did not act on behalf of the United States. They were just two regular guys wanting to worship at the feet of a Communist, don’t you know.  Is this treason?
  • In 1983, Senator Teddy Kennedy sent emissaries to Russia to undermine Ronald Reagan. Was this treason?
  • In 1985 Senator Kerry went to Nicaragua to negotiate with that regime. Is this treason?
  • In 2002, three Democrat Congressmen went to Baghdad in defense of Saddam Hussein’s regime. Is this treason?
  • In 2002, Senator Jay Rockefeller took a trip to Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Syria to tell their heads of state that he thought George Bush had already decided to go to war with Iraq. Nice warning he gave them!
  • In 2007, Nancy Pelosi went to Syria, meeting with their President, even though it was then the strategy of the Bush Administration of isolate Assad. The UAE praised her efforts.  She was said to have proven that foreign policy is not the domain of the White House alone.  CNN asked is Pelosi had just given Al-Assad a big, wet kiss.  But is this treason?

Now, what were they saying about our “treasonous” Senators?  Some have thought the letter was a mistake.  For sure they could have put a letter in the paper instead, since we can be pretty sure that our papers are monitored by our enemies.  Some worry that it might make Obama more hateful toward Republicans who dared to disagree with him in public, to stand up for what they believe, to attempt to protect America from great harm.

We should all keep this in mind:  President Obama cannot treat them and us with any more disrespect, revenge and disgust than he already does.  It’s in his nature.

McCain Stands by Signing Letter to Iran

Senator John McCain said on Thursday that he stands by signing the letter sent to Iran’s leadership concerning ongoing negotiations over its nuclear program.


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