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Hillary Clinton – Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire


Hillary Clinton is a liar.

Old news, yes. We already know that, you say. Well, yes, but there is more to the story here. During a conversation with political analyst Alex B. Hays, he pointed something out to me I hadn’t noticed before. It will blow you away:

Hillary Clinton is a liar by omission. Her omission was this: Hillary had her emails for YEARS. Years and years. So why was it so important, under the guise of ‘transparency’ when she turned over her emails, to delete a full HALF of her emails ONLY when she handed them over to the State Department?

Because she LIES.

She is a liar about her involvement with Benghazi. She is liar about her husband taking foreign monies for her ‘Clinton Foundation’ (whatever the cloaked agenda is with that). She is a liar about even basic things such as her email.

What is Hillary hiding? If I had an email account that I had YEARS of stuff on – why in the world, IF I HAD NOTHING TO HIDE, would I delete a single email?

Because she LIES.

Hillary can’t tell the truth, because even the fraction of what we, the American public know, is unpalatable. If we knew what kind of monster she truly was, and the double-dark deeds done dirt cheap – she could never show her face in public again.

So, to put in perspective. Hillary used an email system set up for President Clinton. She ‘didn’t want to carry two devices’ for email. She lies again and again. This woman accepted money from nations we may be called on to go to war with. This is someone who said “What does it matter?” when lives were lost in Benghazi.

If this was your spouse behaving this way, would you accept this behavior? Of course not. So why would we give Hillary the keys to the kingdom? There have been plenty of instances in the past where the voters did not know what they were getting into, but anyone who casts a ballot for Hillary would be an absolute fool, since she has shown us again and again EXACTLY her intentions with any trust America has put in her.

Because she LIES.

Written by Katie McGuire. Follow Katie on Twitter @GOPKatie


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