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Diane Feinstein’s Husband Gets $Billion Dollar High Speed Rail Contract: Feinstein Denies Cronyism!


Democrats are always screaming about “crony capitalism,” and they usually reference the Koch brothers.  The don’t want to face the fact that the Koch’s don’t need much help, and they’re not really Republicans anyway, they’re Libertarians.

Well, we have the new poster boy for “crony capitalism” out in the cereal state, the land of flakes, fruits, and nuts.  Otherwise known as “California.”

The poser boy?  Richard Blum.

The one on the left is our poster boy.  Probably at a party or something obviously formal.

Anyway, Mr. Blum is the recipient of a $900,000,000 contract to lay track for California’s Musket Ball Train.  They’re getting ready to start “creating jobs” by laying track from the urban center of Madera to the home of some of the nastiest street gangs in the cereal state, Fresno.

The $900,000,000+ contract doesn’t include the cost of the land.  It doesn’t include the cost of running power to the rails.  It doesn’t include the inevitable cost overruns either.

$900,000,000 works out to $35 million per mile.  That will be the cheapest cost the cereal state sees on this turkey.

This just gets worse.  It seems that the company that is partnering with Blum just got found guilty of money laundering and fraud.  According to the Black Chamber of Commerce,

[Blum’s partner company] has been caught doing such things over and over again. They are absolutely ridiculous in California projects. …  According to the Seattle News some of the Perini headlines read: “In February, Tutor-Saliba and [Blum’s partner company] agreed to pay $19 million to settle racketeering and fraud allegations in a San Francisco airport project.” … “The companies are embroiled in an 11 – year legal battle over $16 million in extra costs on a Los Angeles subway job.”

That $35 million a mile may be $70 million before it’s all over.

Oh, and Blum’s date for the formal affair?  That would be his wife.


You can be sure of one thing, there will no hint of crony capitalism for Mr. Senator Diane Feinstein.



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